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Mar 24, 2007 12:57 PM

No reservation tonight - what should I do?

I just got a babysitter for tonight and have tried a few of my favorites and of course there is no reservations available.
I am open to anything food wise just nothing on the UWS or Tribeca. I would rather not wait more than an hour for a table.
Any recos where to go and wait or even better if someone has juice at a good spot and can get me a res for 4 between 7:30 and 9:30 that would be much appreciated.

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  1. Why not sign on to (it's free) and see what's what? I just checked - requested a table for 4 people at 8pm, just to see - and found plenty.

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    1. re: Deenso

      Great idea. I did it and got a reservation at Aja, a sushi joint on 58th and 1st. Has a good reputation.

      1. re: princeofpork

        i love that strategy. if there is something still there on opentable that you know and like you are in business,,,,,

        1. re: jsmitty

          another last-minute strategy is - eat in the theatre district after 8 pm. Usually no problem to get a table at the place of your choice once shows have started.