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Mar 24, 2007 12:44 PM

Tower Diner In Elmhurst

any good?? what is best??

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  1. may be technically flushing.

    1. tower diner
      9895 queens blvd
      rego park

      used to be a tower diner on northern and 139th-140th streets about fifteen - twenty years ago.

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      1. re: byrd

        Tangentialy related: There is a tiny little diner on Northern Boulevard opposite Home Depo (Astoria/Woodside area). It's the classic metal kind. Any one been?

        1. re: jeangrand

          seems to have changed hands -- it's changed names -- in recent years, but back when it was blue sky (when the home depot was still the ronzoni factory), they did excellent breakfasts. never tried anything too complicated there -- i don't even think that was an option, given the size of the cook-space -- but the cheese omelette was a killer!

      2. It's the best diner in the area. I live in Forest Hills a short drive/long walk away, and I always choose it over the local places. Great fries and the Alpine Omelette is awesome.

        1. used to live down the street when i lived in rego park. love the challah french toast! everything very fresh - from brunch to burgers, never had a bad meal there. great if you live nearby.