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Mar 24, 2007 12:16 PM

Ice Box Frech Toast - best breakfast in Sobe

I am quite the Johnny come lately on this. Best french toast I ever had. Also, I had the bananna bread pudding (their best dessert) heated for the first time with vanilla ice cream on the side -- this made it quite a bit better. Excellent breakfast overall and is my new #1 rec for breakfast.

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  1. What is ice box french toast?

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    1. re: mao

      It's the name of the restaurant. Next time I go down there I want to try the place too.

      1. re: mao

        should have said Ice Box's :)

      2. Their dinners are also delicious and my favourite ice creme cake is the chocolate peanut butter.

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        1. re: gtrekker2003

          Their weekend Brunch and daily lunch are also very good

          1. re: gtrekker2003

            I have to agree with that. First time I went I had the churrasco and thought it was merely good. I went recently and had chicken and lamb which were somewhere between very good and excellent. Highly satisfying experience.

            1. re: tpigeon

              Hi TP - small world!>

              We brunched there yesterday during the Sunday Antique Market and found the food better than we remembered. I had the Crabby Eggs - a pile of just lightly scrambled eggs laced with crabmeat served with a spicy guacamole and a warm biscuit with a few sliced plum tomatoes on the side. By buttering the biscuit and assembling everything into a "do it yourself" benedict - it was delicious.

              Advisor boy ordered the quiche of the day - gorgonzola, calamata olive plus other things (?) - and ate every last bite. Side of roasted potatoes were pretty basic.

              Only thing I noticed was the service is a little "South Beach La-Ti-Dah..." Patience is a plus.

              A pet peeve on the food presentation that I have noticed MANY places...

              The quiche was garnished with a quick handful of mixed baby greens right from the bag without dressing. Definitely just "plate filler." Now I buy this stuff at the store and I know what happens when it's a bit expired; the edges of the colorful leaves go dark and mushy. I throw it out when that happens.

              Ice Box served it yesterday as is...

              If they don't dress it, I suppose it isn't meant to be a "salad." But if it isn't fresh - it's actually a huge turn off. Many places using these short cut greens make the same mistake of using this stuff after it's prime because apparently the mix yields some longer lasting greens and some quickly wilting ones too...

              Honestly - I know kitchens get busy, but not noticing a product has past it's prime serve date is just lazy. The wilted greens leave a dark smear on the plate that looks dirty.

              Have you noticed this too?


              1. re: advisor_Girl

                I never had the quiche there so I did not notice the same things. I have found service at ice box is generally well meaning but incompetent by south beach standards, so that's bad, as the sobe standard is really bad to begin with.

                1. re: tpigeon

                  I've found what they serve to be good, however, their breakfast selection is rather limited. Service is definately sketchy even by sobe standards which I think we've all, unfortunately, been forced to lower our expectations considerably. What I have not tried and plan to soon are those ice cream cakes which look sinfully delicious...

                  1. re: netmover

                    I have found the ice cream cakes to be good but did not live up to my very high expectations going in...

                    1. re: netmover

                      I like the breakfasts there - the eggs are nicely done, and the potatoes lo and behold are actually crispy (something which virtually every other Miami establishment seems to find impossible to master). A good biscuit is also hard to find in this town and I like theirs, even though they are way too crispy as far as traditional biscuits would go. I'm not big on sweet breakfasts but they used to have a peanut-butter-stuffed french toast that was outrageous.

                      For some reason I'm usually disappointed by their dinners though. It's never bad, just rarely anything that really gets me excited. I think it's also compounded by the flourescent lighting, which I always find to be a buzzkill at night.