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Mar 24, 2007 11:50 AM

Good eats around Yorkville

Hi all,
I am looking for somewhere to eat around Yorkville.
I frequently eat at the eateries all along Cumberland, but have not tried anywhere else.
Any suggestions?


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  1. Yorkville has some of the worst restaurants in the city, in my opinion. Pangaea is the strongest contender for full-service restaurants. Mela on Yorkville is brand new, and serves fresh home-made Italian-style eats (nice, homey, but not exciting). The new crepe place at the corner of Yonge and Yorkville is lovely, but all they serve are crepes so it's not for everybody. Some people think it's expensive for what you get. The last two are aimed at the lunchtime/quick eats crowd. I also have a soft spot for Ginger and Biryani House, but they're both a little dive-y. Stay away from Empire!!

    1. I agree with Library, this is a tough 'hood for restaurants (despite its alleged pedigree).

      On the outskirts... Mistura or Sopra (Avenue and Davenport), Opus on Prince Arthur, Bar Mercurio (5 minute walk from Bloor and Avenue), Rebel House is only a ten minutes walk up Yonge (and weather is improving). Cafe Nervosa is OK. And I second both Ginger and Biryani, although they are as descirbed (Ginger more "dive-y"... Biryani is actually white tablecloths, just a little squishy). I also like Wish (small neighbourhood resto at Yonge and Charles).

      Finally, on Cumberland, I like Caren's and Jacques' Bistro (in case you've yet to discover either).

      1. I like Fieromasca on Prince Arthur. Good service, nice menu, good choices of Italian food, not cheap but not too expensive either. The one caveat is don't go if you're in a hurry.