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Mar 24, 2007 11:27 AM

brooklyn fish camp

Anyone have any comments on brookly fish camp on fifth ave. in the slope? I've been there several times, but not since last summer. went last night, was told a five minute wait for our party of 5 -- 25 minutes later, we're still standing at the bar. Lies and mendacity from the maitre d'ette in studiedly eccentric garb, after being directly asked "how much longer." And, after all that, the food was a big "so what." have they slipped since last summer, or were they done in by 21.12 week?

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  1. I went to BFC once last summer. While there was no wait, the food was extremely average at best. I was very disappointed since there are few true "seafood" options in the Slope. But after a thoroughly mediocre meal, I was never compelled to give it another shot.

    1. wow - I've never had a service problem at Bklyn Fish Camp.
      I get the cod sandwich there pretty often - it's consistently excellent.

      Been thinking of dropping in for DiB . . .

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      1. re: pitu

        i have found brooklyn fish camp to be consistently mediocre and overpriced. i want to like it because the atmosphere is nice and so is the wait staff. don't know why people like it so much. and their DiB special is really stingy -- one prix fixe offering, and it's measly at best. when i was there last week, it was a small bowl of soup, shrug-your-shoulders-eh shrimp tacos, and a key lime square with an under-baked pie crust. every other place had tons of specials from which to choose. if you're not going to give it up for DiB, then don't bother, i say. but no one asked me, i realize. shame on al di la, by the way, for not participating at all. i love their food, but the owner is so unfriendly and unappreciative of his devoted neighbors who keep coming back for more. a little thank you in the way of participating in DiB would be nice, no?

        1. re: kraw

          From what I've seen on these boards, DiB has produced nothing but complaints for all participants. Long waits, limited selection, boring food, upselling and small portions seem to be the rule rather than the exception. If I were a restaurateur, I'd stay far far away from this promotion, which seems targeted to bargain-hunters, not chowhounds. I don't fault Al Di La for doing so at all.

          FWIW, restaurant week in Manhattan is generally the same tired circus.

          1. re: oolah

            indeed -- i ventured to the gloriously praised applewood 2 years ago for DiB, our first time there. quel mistake. endless waits (30 minutes between appetizer and entrees, i think our entrees went to the wrong table...), scatter-shot service and an explanation of 'oh, we're just not set up to handle this kind of promotion' from the server. huh? and the food was unmemorable, 4 of us agreed. i had thought of DiB as a time to get people in to try your place and then hopefully go back during regular times, having had a good experience. this had just the opposite effect. we never went back (and i know everyone will say "oh you must try it again", 'cause i've read the universal raves -- but i know i'd never get my 3 companions from that ill-fated night to spend a not-insignificant amount on the chance of a good dinner there).

          2. re: kraw

            «if you're not going to give it up for DiB, then don't bother, i say» and « shame on al di la, by the way, for not participating at all». Don't you find these statements contradictory? Didn't Al di la do what you recommended for BFC?

            1. re: bobjbkln

              all i meant was, i am always amazed at the ungraciousness and ungratefulness of al di la's proprietor. he won't offer his devoted clientele reservations or prix fixe menus, or many times, even a warm greeting at the door after years of dining there. i go for the food -- i wish it wasn't so good because i'd like to take my business elsewhere. i really find that guy to be incredibly arrogant and unneighborly. i've lived in this neighborhood for 15 years, and i've been going there since it opened. in fact, i go out to eat a lot and my palate is at once very discerning and up for new adventures, like a true chowhounder. i rarely do DiB, but i think it can be a nice treat, a way to try out new places or otherwise see business say, hey thanks for your patronage. i love to reward great service and good and great food, and i do -- by coming back for more and more, and for bringing friends and writing encouraging postings. i don't think anyone has ever praised the guy for being a savvy host or proprietor.

              1. re: kraw

                I'm a longtime customer of al di la. I like the owners just fine - not my best friend, but reliable gracious restauranteurs.
                They've got good notices here on their good handling of bad wine or other problems that come up in a restaurant.

                bobjbkln, you nailed it. Can't please some people . . .

                1. re: pitu

                  Agreed - why should they offer special menus that they don't offer everyone else? And if they offer one person reservations, everyone will want them. As for the proprietor, I don't know that I've ever met him, but I prefer to eat downstairs in the wine bar anyways. (The bartenders there are incredibly nice.) The prices are reasonable, the food is fantastic, and everyone has a shot of eating there - I think that that's about as neighborly as you can get.

          3. re: pitu

            I've had a couple of meals at Fish Camp and wouldn't consider going back. They get good fish, but have no idea how to treat it. There are many good restaurants in the Slope now, no need to burn money in this place.

          4. DIB = sub par no matter where you go. I go to the BK Fish Camp at least once a month and have never been dissapointed.

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              so it would seem, see my above post on DiB at applewood. a no-go in every way ...

            2. Well, seafood is not cheap, and if u want to get cheap seafood just go and fishi it urself, the food is good, and the wait staff is really nice, the restaurant is small, and when u go on a Saturday nite u will have t wait, because everybody goes out dinner at the same time, if u go there on a friday nite, u gonna see the owner, MARY sering u, chucking Oysters, and eve joking in the bar, ppl seriously, go on a tuesday or wenedsday nite, and u gonna feel how diferent is, because the restaurant is small, and they don't have precooked food, they have to cook everythin, and i'm gonna give u a tip, don't ask for courses, if u ask everything together u'll ge it quick, but if u ask f2 or 3 courses, u'll wait , cuz the cookers always wait u to finish eating the first one, and sometimes is really busy the time just pass for them.