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Mar 24, 2007 11:11 AM

One Night in Glasgow

I'm in Glasgow for one night only and wondering what is the top recommended restaurant and bar? I'm more for local ingredients prepared fashionably and honestly - not too over the top but open to suggestions.

After some preliminary research, these look good:
- No 16
- 78 Vincent
- Gamba
- Cafe Gandolfi

And then for drinking, real pubish, no posers and lots of great whiskey:
actually at a loss but hear that Ashton Lan in the west end has great pubs.... do tell

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  1. You could do worse than the Ubiquitous Chip.

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    1. re: Brit on a Trip

      Agreed - it's in Ashton Lane, by the way. Plenty of decent places to eat around there; you've got a Stravaigin just down the road in Ruthven Lane, and one subway stop away (or a longish stroll if it's a nice evening) you've got the original Stravaigin or the Left Bank on Gibson Street. The Left Bank was just awarded Observer Food Monthly's best cheap eats award though, so you might want to book if you fancy it.

      1. re: magpiec13

        I was in Glasgow a few years ago and I had a tremendous meal at the Bothy

        It was a real eye opener for me as far as Scottish cuisine is concerned. I went to Stravaigin for lunch and enjoyed myself there too.