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Mar 24, 2007 10:46 AM

Is there a good fresh pasta/ravioli store in Astoria?

I know I should go to Arthur Ave in the Bronx, but I'm lazy.

Is there anywhere to get good fresh ravioli in Astoria or LIC?


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  1. I prefer Borgatti's in the Bronx ...

    otherwise, this will do ...

    1. The best ravioli I've ever had is Cassinelli Spinach Ravioli (spinach, ricotta, parmiggiano cheese, swiss cheese, romano cheese, eggs, garlic & pepper ). I purchase this product at La Nueva Bakery in Jackson Heights. Contact the company located in LIC at 718 274 4881 and see if they sell at the factory and if not where you can purchase locally.

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      1. re: Mike V

        31-12 23rd Avenue
        Astoria, Queens
        You can buy it there.

        1. re: SuzyP

          Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to try Cassinelli next time I get a craving.

          Borgatti's is definitely my favorite (and I broke down and went to the Bronx yesterday) as well, just wanted something a bit closer!

          1. re: Cail

            do try cassinelli - they have the absolutely best fettucini in the world. the other stuff, ravioli, etc. is great too, but the fettucini is wonderful.