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Mar 24, 2007 10:43 AM

Best Happy Hour on the Westside.

I saw this topic in the archives and it was almost a year old, and now that I am off work for a week, I am excited about hitting up some happy hours. I come from the school of "good cheap food over the cheap drinks", and love all kinds of faire. I am a big guy that can eat a ton, so please take that into consideration. I am from Washington State, so I have had my share of McCormicks and Schmidts Tillamook Burgers, so something else would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. MaKai at the promenade has a decent HH menu with deals of bar foods. Fried avocado, sliders, etc.

    1. Chaya Venice has the best happy hour in town, imo.

      1. Gosh, when I first moved to the west side two decades ago, there were a few busy happy hours in or near Westwood Village with free food buffets AND cheap drink specials. I particularly miss the one at Cafe Cafe on Lindbrook, and later the one at Yesterday's (now a Chili's). There were also happy hours at Alice's Restaurant (now Tanino's), Baxter's, and the Hamburger Hamlet. I have fond memories of groups of friends meeting for Friday late-afternoon easing into the weekend get-togethers.

        There is still a happy hour at Acapulco, with discounted margaritas and a table of complimentary Mexican fare, and some nights a woman selling discounted tacos.

        A couple of posters have endorsed the happy hour appetizer specials (4-7 and after 10) at Palomino, on Wilshire.

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          The happy hour at Alcapulco is for sure cheap - free buffet and free chips and salsa. However, both the food and drinks are pretty mediocre (although, I guess I shouldn't balk too much at free).

          If I'm going to happy hour to eat and actually enjoy the food, my favorite is Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. It's everyday (incl. weekends), usually from 4pm - 6pm. Most of the appetizers are 1/2 price. Unfortunately, the oysters on the half shell are no longer 99cents each; they are now $1.50 each. Bummer, but still very good. Can get a little pricey, but the food is usually very good - especially the oysters, calamari, and lobster taquitos.

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            Also, Border Grille - both the food and margaritas / mojitos are very good and cheap. Good quesadillas and sweet potato fries. Just be sure to get there early - the bar area fills up really fast and can be quite tight. Also, very hit and miss with the bartenders - some of them can be a bit rude.

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              You also just reminded me in a post to another thread that they have a pretty nice happy hour at Ocean Ave Seafood as well.

        2. I understand Warszawa on Lincoln in Santa Monica has a good happy hour in it's back patio. I've only been there for dinner, not the happy hour. They have great appetizers, though, and pierogi with different fillings. They highly tout their polish buffalo-grass vodka for cocktails - I can vouch for the martini!

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          1. re: gsw

            I think it's called Stone Fire Pizza on La Ceinega (sp?) just south of Santa Monica blvd.
            Pizzas...that are just fine at 1/2 price and...a nice wines by the glass list, also at 1/2 price !!!
            This is a good Happy Hour.

            1. re: DuckDuckMom

              Thanks to all the ideas, I will let you know how it goes this week.

            2. re: gsw

              They have different bartenders out back for happy hour which I think is only 3 nights a week. They don't make the martini's anywhere close to the way they do inside, but you can still ask for the buffalo-grass vodka. Makai is pretty decent as is Nikki's and the Canal Club in Venice.


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