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Mar 24, 2007 10:41 AM

Anyone ever found Luxardo Marasca cherries?

Looking for Marasca cherries from the brand/company Luxardo. I'm beginning to think they don't sell them in the US. Anyone have any luck? Or...find/make anything comparable? All for the sake of a good Manhattan cocktail.

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  1. I've never even heard of them. Finding their liqueur was a bit of chore, but I did mange to do that a few years ago (Park Ave wines ordered it for me.). You can try calling Buon Italia (in the Chelsea Market), DiPalo and "Dom's" on Lafayette St. If no luck there, try the outer boroughs board - you might conceivably dig them up in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

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      Or you could try calling/emailing this importer to see if they distribute it for retail around here:

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        I missed the substitute part. All of the places I mentioned carry at least one kind/brand of preserved cherries, but never having tastes the Luxardo marascas, I have no idea how they compare.

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        Write Luxardo at their website and ask where they are in NY. There's a "contact us" link
        and an email address.

        Also use Google to search for marasche, which is the term Luxardo uses on their label.

        The New York Times wrote about them at

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          I just found them at Corti Brothers in Sacramento. They have a wonderful mail order
          department. Item #1821: Luxardo Marasche al Frutto, $17.99, 360g jar. Just checked
          and this is not listed in the online catalog, but in the written catalog I just received today.
          The write-up is quite informative. Contact Corti Brothers at 1-800-509-3663, or
          email Website is

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            Buon Italia doesn't have them but Chelsea Market Baskets (also in the Market, a few doors west) does. They also carry the syrup.

          2. They are booze soaked cherries from Italy.

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              Actually, no booze. Just marasca cherry juice and sugar. Maraschino is the cherry liqueur
              produced by the same folks, also found at Corti Brothers (contact info above). $29.99/750ml

            2. Good luck.. I've been looking for these in NYC for a year now (for the same reason -- integral for a perfect Manhattan cocktail), to no avail. The bartender at Pegu, where I first had them, said you could get them at Dean & Deluca, but at least the one in Soho didn't carry them and they had no clue what I was talking about.

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                HURRY! Dean & Deluca in SoHo has them in stock! Just bought 2 jars on Saturday.

              2. Dean and Deluca does carry them, but it is hit or miss. A good substitute is to get the IQF frozen Washington state cherries from Whole Foods, put them in a mason jar and cover with maraschino. It's not exactly similar, as the cherries aren't as tart, but they are a passable substitute, and a lot cheaper.

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                  >cover with maraschino.<

                  ... as in the liqueur? Is that what the Luxardo brand uses with their cherries? Maraschino is such an unusual liqueur... I can't picture that -- I'd be more inclined to use bourbon/rye and a little sugar syrup to marinate the cherries.

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                    I don't know if they use the liqueur itself, but the whole point is that the cherries are the same variety as those they use to make the liqueur. So while covering American cherries with bourbon is great stuff (with rye -> ugh, IMO), it's not likely to taste like marasche any more than any other generally "cherry" flavor. At least using Maraschino, you'll impart some of that specific flavor to the cherries. Personally, I'd be inclined to try sour cherries, since the Maraschino is so sweet itself - with Bings it might get a little cloying but those are hard to come by frozen around here.

                2. I *think* I just saw these in a Persian grocery store in L.A. called Rose Market (on Westwood). If you really don't find them elsewhere, might be worth a call to ask about sourcing. (I think they were the cherries you mention, not 100% certain.)