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Mar 24, 2007 09:59 AM

Dim Sum

Ok, so boyfriend has never had dim sum and I was thinknig it would be a fun brunch (maybe tomorrow). We live in Baltimore. Does Jesse Wongs in Hunt Valley do dim dum or should we go to Columbia or is there somewhere else reasonably close? Aslo, prices, hours, suggestions appreciated.

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  1. You'll probably like Jesse Wong's Hong Kong in Columbia because it's nice inside, but I prefer Oriental Manor off B/N Pike in Ellicott City next to the Home Depot. Prices are typical dim sum, which is probably $3-4/dish, more for more exotic stuff. Hours probably around 12pm. JWHK in Columbia will be a bit steeper since anything in Columbia is usually steeper.

    1. There is Chinatown Cafe in Baltimore. I've been there a few times and my family has always liked the food.

      323 Park Ave
      Baltimore, MD 21201-3611

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        Rumour has it that Chinatown Cafe has gone downhill since it changed hands a couple of months ago-can anyone confirm or deny?

        IMO, Jesse Wong's is not good. Posted a thread a while back. Oriental Manor better. You might want to consider China Chef in Wheaton which is equally as far.

      2. You are better off venturing down to the DC area. There are a few good dim sum places in Silver Spring/Wheaton, and my favorite is Oriental East.

        About 45-50 minutes from downtown Baltimore, yes, a drive, but if you combine it with an outing to a musuem it can make for a nice afternoon.

        1. Jesse Wong's in Hunt Valley, with a luxe pan-Asian theme, doesn't have dim sum, but his JW Hong Kong on the lake in Columbia does. Some on the board think it falls short, but two visits in March show it can be great and inventive dim sum--not just the usual standards--IF you go right at 11:30 Saturday and Sunday only.