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Mar 24, 2007 09:07 AM

Looking for Pierogies and Polish Sausage in Baltimore

I am not able to travel home to Buffalo for Easter and was hoping to recreate a traditional Polish Easter dinner here in Baltimore. Can someone recommend a good place to purchase pierogies and fresh Polish sausage (not smoked kielbasa). Thanks!

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  1. Can't help you there, but with the Buffalo reference, if you're ever in Herndon, go to Jimmy's. Jimmy is fanatical about his Buffalo heritage. Any Buffalo game on tv will turn into an event there. They make trips as a group to games when Buff teams play locally. Friday night fish fries. Perogies, etc.

    1. I'd give Lexington Market a try. Haven't been there in years, but they used to have a pretty good variety....

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        As another former Buffalonian, I'd say you should find what you want at Lexington Market.

      2. Ostrowski's in Baltimore

        I'm from Philly and really miss all the traditional Easter fare. Just fyi, I have ordered all the Easter goodies from Buffalo and had it FedEx'd. Everthing was fantastic, but the fresh kielbasa really needs to be bought and cooked immediately before Easter. It arrived and I cooked it 3 days or so prior to Easter, and it just wasn't fresh enough.

        1. There's plenty of Polish tradition in Baltimore. I second the suggestion of Ostrowski's (on Washington St. in Fells Point) for fresh (not smoked) Polish sausage. Ostrowski's storefront is a tiny little place, but right before Easter there will often be lines going outside and down the sidewalk.

          I'm not sure about where to get pierogies, but you might try Sophia's stand in Broadway Market (at the south end of the north building), also in Fells Point.

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            I second Sophia's in the Broadway Market.

            Also, St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church on Eastern Ave. sells pierogies on Friday mornings.

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              Sophia's in the Fells Point Market has an excellent selection of sausage and I am pretty sure they sell Pierogies. Polish Treasures on Chester Street in Fells Point sells homemade Pierogies.

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                Sophia's has a lot of sausages. I'm not sure I've ever seen fresh polish sausages there, though. I regularly buy there a cured sausage that they call "polska", but I'm not of Polish descent and I don't know for sure just what that sausage actually is (other than tasty).

                1. re: Hal Laurent

                  Try the "Kabanosy", you'll love it!

          2. if you want authentic, go to Ostrowski's. But be prepared to stand in a line that will wrap around the block Best to call ahead, they usually run out.

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              My partner's family is Buffalo Polish...while some have moved on from that fair city, when we do visit them anywhere other than Buffalo, we have to bring pierogis from Sophia's in Bdwy Market and sausage from Ostrowski's. (In fact, the entire smell of O's reminds me of my father-in-law's house in Buffalo!)

              I want to second that craziness at Ostrowski's (on Washington) before Easter. Best to get there as early as possible.