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Mar 24, 2007 08:41 AM

REVIEWS: Twin Palms in Old Town Pasadena

Thinking of having a birthday lunch or brunch at Twin Palms but have never eat there ..
Reviews and comments would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. Use the kiss method for ordering - keep it simple stupid! Do not challenge the kitchen in the slightest and you can have fun there. They have been doing parties there for well over 10 years and still going strong.

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    1. re: carter

      I have been to two recent dinner parties there, and was pleasantly surprised. Both friends selected from the catering menus, so we had choice of entree (I had good seafood linguine and salmon...S.O. had the Bistro steak both times.. which he said was not as flavorful as Arroyo Chop House, but he still inhaled it. Also those who selected the grilled chicken seemed happy).

    2. Years ago I liked this place, however I had brunch there recently and was very dissapointed. For the price point you are looking at there are many better options in the Pasadena area.

      1. Unless for some peculiar reason you have to (or must) dine at Twin Palms, there are much better options in that neck of the woods, for around the same price.

        There's Mike and Annes in South Pasadena

        There's Briganti, right across the street from Mike and Annes,

        There's Holly Street Bar and Grill,

        And, if you really, really want to dine under a tent, there's also a better option for that at Firefly Bistro,

        Enjoy wherever you end up and happy b-day.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          thank you for the suggestions ...
          Are these places baby friendly?

        2. Used to go there fairly often for brunch, lunch, dinner, years ago. But haven't been there in awhile, as both the food and menu just kept declining. It's a great spot for sitting around with sunglasses on when it's warm. But that's about it.