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21st Birthday

My twin girls want to glam it up..what about Yamashiro? Suggestions for a very special night? Something very hip ..my girls love LA...Thanks

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  1. You might want to read through this recent thread, (link below) for ideas:


    1. A good friend loves this place, not so much for the food as the atmosphere and he raves about the service. Food is a 6 ish on a scale of 1-10, but get a window view and enjoy !

      1. For "hip," here are a few different ideas, not all "the best" for food, but definitely "in"

        Koi and Katana as well as Fat Fish draw hip crowds
        Geisha House is hip and fun
        Citizen Smith
        Sushi Roku
        The Ivy

        Yamashiro has the great view and decent food, but I don't generally see the stars there that 21 year olds care about.

        1. Matsuhisa, or Nobu Malibu for sushi and fusion fare. Great food and definite celeb-spotting.

          Katana is also a good choice for a special occasion - robata and sushi fusion rolls.

          CUT, if you don't mind spending a LOT of money, but then again, your girls turn 21 only once!

          For less expensive steak but a still celeb-stop, Mastro's, next to Spago.

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            We haven't been to Mastro's since it first opened, but isn't it a place more known for an older crowd, like 60+. Is it a place 21 year girls would enjoy?

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              Well, the first time I went, I was 21, and I liked it. :) The crowd upstairs is pretty fun.

            1. WOW!! young ladies you got to make this special. something they can look back on for generations. and tell their grand kids. this only comes one time.. Let us know what
              you decide. have a great time....

              1. I think Asia de Cuba in the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Blvd., on the patio would be great. Great view of the city. Young vibe. Delicious food. You should call the special events manager and tell them the date and time that you would like to do it, how many guests you'll have, they'll fax you a menu, etc. and then if you're interested go over there and see it for yourself to confirm that your girls would like it. Have an early dinner so see how you like the food. I checked it out for my neice's wedding shower luncheon and thought it was great but the patio would have been too cold in Feb. I didnt like the private room in doors--the patio appears to me to be the best place to sit there -- so I took a pass for that reason. I like some of the other suggestions you've received in this thread. With my niece's shower, I learned that it was a good idea to run my plans by her -- no one knows better than the kids themselves! Good luck and have fun.

                1. Yamashiro is a silly place. Good view, I guess, with sub par food.

                  If sub par food is OK, and you want hip,do try Geisha House on Hollywood Blvd. as recommended above.

                  I would go for good food and then try and take them to a club, or try social.

                  From what I hear, a lot of Celebs avoid partying on the weekend to avoid the gawkers, and go out Mondays, Wednesdays or some other weekday.

                  Take them for lunch at the ivy, then let them wander into Ktson further down Robertson. then go for hot tea at elixir or urth in West Hollywood. Thencruise down melrose. Finally hit Hollywood blvd and go to Geisha House.

                  You'll be broke, and perhaps now need financial aid for them to finish graduate school, but hey, they only trun 21 once. Of course, frankly, when i turned 21, my last wish was to have my parents along.

                  Can't they find their own "glam" at this age?

                  Give em' $500 or more for a fun evening and kick them out the door! They'll love you for it !

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                    Another interesting idea here... take 'em to a dinner of their choosing, but afterwards, definitely let them go out alone, and consider renting a limo or towncar for the evening b/c let's be honest, they're probably gonna drink... a lot... and better for them to be able to have fun, and for you not to have to worry about their safety and getting home. Plus, they'll probably think it pretty cool to pull up to various clubs in a limo/towncar.

                  2. yamashiro is SO not the place to go for your 21st. not too much of a "social" scene. look for something more fun and full of energy..somewhere they can get drunk and have the time of their lives. and yamashiro is not the place for that

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                      so true... plus, i don't know about others, but i'm not much for sake-bombing w/ my mom. yamashiro is good for a romantic celebration w/ a significant other...

                    2. What does anybody think of a murder mystery dinner party for a 21 year old girl? Do you think that sounds like a fun thing?? Am looking for something very unusual and different, and we could wear the theme styled clothes for kicks. This would be in October - what does anybody here think of that?