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Mar 24, 2007 05:19 AM

Quick, healthy weeknight meals

Although now I have great ideas for cooking chicken breasts properly (thanks!) I am not exactly a practiced cook and am running out of ideas for what to cook for dinner. My SO and I eat the same old thing during the week and I'm sick of it but I don't know what else to cook! I'm looking for a quick, healthy meal that can be thrown togther in under 30 minutes with the following restrictions-

No pork
No cream of this or cream of that soup
Must include a bit of protein and vegetables and preferably low in carbs
Ingredients need to be easy to keep around or easy to just pick up one additional thing at the store (like the main protein)
No convienience foods (hamburger helper, etc.)

If anyone has any tips for what they do on the weeknights that would be great! All the recipie books I find are not really helpful for both quick and healthy - they usually address just one or the other. Thanks!

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  1. The absolute biggest time saver is to plan your menu in advance. I do mine on the weekend along with doing the shopping, then I'm not crazed rushing in from work trying to think of what to make. If you have a good fish monger, get fish for 2 nights (it will keep if it's fresh) and plan your vegetable sides accordingly. Also, if the dish has a bit of a time consuming component, I can often do some prep on Sunday along with a really nice Sunday dinner and then everything flows smoothly. When I'm really at a loss, rice & beans, pasta & a vegetable w/ olive oil and garlic, curried rice...all those things come to the rescue. Also, if you have a health food store nearby, buy some dried TVP in bulk to have on hand. It takes 5 minutes to reconstitute and then can be used for tacos, taco salad, macaroni & beef, added to spaghetti sauce, etc.

    1. Takes 20 minutes:
      In a baking dish put onions and garlic lay a piece of cod, salt pepper, top with a can of stewed tomatoes, capers, possibly olives cover with plastic wrap and microwave for 14 minutes.
      Healthy, no fat, 1 pan clean up