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Mar 24, 2007 12:50 AM

King's Fish House

I can't believe I'm still up posting, but I wanted to know what people thought of King's Fish House in Long Beach. I've been there a couple of times and as long as the you order the stuff that's in season, the food is quite good. I would go as far as recommending it, but I have yet to try more of their dishes.

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  1. I was there last month...yum! Had steamed mussels and clams which were amazingly sweet and fresh, they were just steamed and served with a buttery broth for dipping. I had the parmesan crusted sanddabs that the waitress recommended, and it was very good. My bf had the hazelnut crusted salmon which was also very tasty. I'd go back again for sure.

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      I usually get the same thing. Amazing thing is they are very consistent, even between stores. The one in Anaheim is just as good as the one in Laguna Hills.

      By the way, they split plates for free!

      Here are some pics of those divine mussells and clams:

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        Nice pic!! Looking at it makes me want to go there this weekend...yum

    2. i go fairly often. stick with simple stuff and you'll eat pretty well--oysters are spectacular, other shellfish is usually pretty good. simple grilled fish is OK if you ask them to cook it medium-rare (and then aren't terribly disturbed when it still comes overcooked). i'm afraid the specials are often overwrought--way to many ingredients/concepts for what they are able to pull off. But i do like the sanddabs.

      1. onigiri girl -

        Food is quite good - Sit on the patio..adds to the dining experience. I LOVE the salad w/blue cheese and candied walnuts. I live near the one in Calabasas and went last week. I ordered the salad, that I shared with my dining partner, then the steamed clams appetizer as my dinner. Perfect, with the bread and salad! :)KQ

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          Hi Kitchen Queen, uhhh, I'm pretty sure you were referring to me on your post, but uhh, hehe, I'm a guy :D
          By the way, thanks to everyone else who posted, I'm thinking of taking a trip to King's to try out some of the dishes you mentioned. Not all by myself of course!!

        2. We've never been disappointed with King's though sticking with simple is a good rule. They do a clambake w/ lobster that's pricey but really good, complete with the paper they roll out on your table. I think they also do a shrimp or langostino boil sometimes, at least I remember having that.

          Tip: If Long Beach is the same as Laguna Hills there's a large bar area that is just 'walk-in'. More casual atmosphere but you bypass the wait in the main dining room if you can find an open table.

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            Long Beach is the original and does not have the open bar area.

          2. I've always been pleased with the food at their Orange location (Main & Katella). Very fresh oysters, always my first choice!