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Mar 24, 2007 12:18 AM

Sydney Burgers

Does anyone have an opinion/leads on the best burger in Sydney?


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  1. Not sure if they are the best in Sydney, but a newish place in Newtown, Burgerfuel, has mighty fine burgers. The place has a car theme, resulting is some burgers with silly names, but the CN Cheese burger and the Ringburner are my favourites. The burgers are large, moist and juicy, and they have fries served with aioli. I believe it is a NZ chain, however I think the Newtown store is the first in Sydney.

    1. Try's "Paul's Hamburgers" - at southern end of Tom Ugly's Bridge in Sylvania we think - "best burgers since 1965". Worth venturing into "The Shire" for. Try the milkshakes too for a complete pig-out

      1. Burgerfuel is soooo good! I nearly cried when I moved to Melbourne only to remember that the only Burgerfuel in Aus is in Sydney :O Burgerfuel (and my mother's roast chicken) are two of the things I miss most about home! Fresh ingrediants and REAL bread. Beware though, the burgers are huge. I mean gigantic. I only ever have the beetnik off the "light menu" (which are still large burgers). Sometimes they also have special beer-battered fries (yum!) and they have kumara spuds as well (sweet potato). Um what else...they have nice malt shakes! (Yes yes I know, you're supposedly meant to wash burgers down with beer or something of the sort :P)

        Random note: Burgerfuel is about to go global ;) Which means another Sydney store, before they try to expand across NSW and Melbourne. YUSSSSSS! check the website out for their menus

        1. I'm a fan of Burgerlicious which have 3 stores in Sydney -- Newtown, Bondi, and Darlinghurst.

          Burgerlicious, Newtown
          215 King St, Newtown, New South Wales 2042, AU

          1. Burgerman @ Darlinghurst (116 Surrey St, Darlinghurst) was the first in a revival of the good old fashion burger to be cool again. they have now closed their bondi store.

            The Rose of Australia in Erskineville has a good burger - many swear by it.
            If you're into a workman's pub kinda feel, then the Kurrajong Hotel (also in Erskineville) does a good burger for $6.50.

            Again in Erskineville (they love burgers here!) is Cafe Sophia, they do a great burger, but no chips.