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Mar 23, 2007 09:34 PM

NYC Bachelor Party in July

Does anyone have suggestions for a good restraunt that could hold 15 - 20 and any good bars that we must hit?


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  1. Defnitely head downtown to the meatpacking area. You might want to go to STK and then the club Tenjune which is in it after. There are many bars, clubs and restaurants in the area there.

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      Meatpacking has a lot of options but be ready to shell out for Table service with that many guys. You might also want to make reservations ahead of time b/c the lines can be quite a pain.

      Sala 19 for Tapas - more casual feel, great bar and there's the Flatiron lounge next door. Make reservations for Flatiron Lounge.

      Sapa - Asian fusion; great space/ambiance; awesome food (in the $28-$32 per entree range). Cool bar and must see bathrooms. Nearby bar is Cutting Room - was pretty easy to get into at 10:30 on Saturday. There's also a more clubby - youngish scene at Gypsy Tea and Eugene - never been b/c not really my scene.

      Both suggestions are also very close to 230 Fifth (rooftop bar) which has no pretention - may be a line to get up, but you won't be turned away for too many men. I think there was a thread earlier on 230 5th.

    2. Private room at Keens.


      1. What is your price range and do you have any preference on the type of cuisine? That will help us to narrow down the choices. Also, is it for dinner or lunch?

        1. I'd say steakhouse: Smith & Wollensky or The Palms (or The Palms Too), both of which are in the midtown area & up area on 2nd Avenue.... then head to any of the number of pickup/single scene bars in around there: Sutton Place, Turtle Bay, etc and end up at Scores on 60th btw. 1st & 2nd.
          ....or you could do Michael Jordan Steakhouse at Grand Central and then hit up the bars around there: Butterfield 8, The Ginger Man (every brand of domestic or foreign beer you can imagine!), PS 450, Rare View (also a steakhouse, at the Shelbourne Hotel), 230 Fifth, etc.
 could go the MPD route because that is way more "cool" but even with money and bottle/table service, it's a hipster scene... the women are starving models... they're bitchy, not flirty... it's more of a "place to be seen", not really a place to have a fun bachelor party...
          good luck & have fun!

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