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Mar 23, 2007 09:22 PM

Toluca Lake - Porto's or Krust?

I have been referred to both for weekday lunch (sandwiches and/or salads), haven't been to either yet. Or, am open to suggestions re: any casual comfortable place in Burbank or Toluca Lake with nice atmosphere.

I really like Aroma on Tujunga as well, but looking to try something else.


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  1. Krust is a small cafe with sandwiches on good bread, salads, and a few specials (e.g., turkey chili). They also have great baked goods. The location is strange, but the atmosphere is good - kind of like a living room. It has a much more similar vibe to Aroma than Porto's. Porto's is very large and bright - it really doesn't have any atmosphere. The food is good quality at Porto's. The more interesting things are the Cuban things (croquettes, meat pies, etc.). The sandwiches and salads are pretty ordinary. Their baked goods are good, and their prices are very fair.

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      Unfortunately, while the food is good at Krust, we have had so many bad experiences with the owner yelling at customers and fuming around the place, loundly complaining to employees about diners within earshot, that I really wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.

      Portos has excellent food, but the atmosphere does not invite lingering.

      Try Urban Eats. It's a relatively new place across from Porto's run by a group of recent cooking school graduates. The food is fantastic, they serve beer, and you can invent your own salad.

      1. re: EliseT

        So the owner of Krust is "crusty" :)

    2. Choza Mamas across from NBC is delicious peruvian food. I also like the Thai Room on Hollywood Way next door to Sheridan Nursery.