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Mar 23, 2007 09:07 PM

Aurora or Lola?

I have to choose between Aurora and Lola for a special birthday dinner. Which would you choose, if a memorable food experience is the main consideration? (If Lola, we would probably do the Tasting Room, unless you tell me the Dining Room is the way to go.)

Thanks very much.

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  1. If you like foie gras and truffles, Aurora hands down. Also a prettier atmosphere and more chef innovation. But if you're a big wine drinker, Lola has the best and most affordable list in town and the food is knock out. Either would be memorable.

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      I have had great meals at Aurora but it is unbelievably expensive so you should know that before you go. Lola is wonderful (my favorite place in Large D) and, as ieatdallas states, has a great, great wine list priced to please. At Lola I like both sides but the Tasting Room would probably be the spot for your special dinner. Have you checked out Lola's web site?

    2. I've eaten at both. Frankly, I'd pick Lola, but I'm a wine nut. However, if I weren't a wine nut, my choice would be between Lola and Bijoux, not Lola and Aurora. Menu may be a bit more inventive at Aurora, but frankly I prefer the slightly more traditional menu at Bijoux with equally superior execution to Aurora.

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        Probably my 2 favorite places to celebrate in Dallas.....I would probably have to go with the tasting menu at Lola because of the value and complexity of meal along with great service....anyone who can feed you 12-15 courses and you not explode and you leave feeling you would just like 1 more little bite of that short rib......classic

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          I did indeed go to Lola this past weekend, and it was extraordinary. It was really an amazing menu. There were 12 courses (with the optional foie gras/beets and orange sauce, and followup truffle), and along with the full wine flights, we WERE feeling ready to explode. The meal was also very well paced. It felt continuous but not rushed. It was a leisurely 2.5+ hour dinner, and the wine pairings were quite perfect with the food selections.

          Thanks to everyone for the recommendations!

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            Lola! But then Aurora can be a marvelous experience also.

            Didn't somebody on here recently post how they were moved mid-meal because of a waiting party that wanted their table?