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Mar 23, 2007 08:56 PM

Angel's Share...?

An admittedly "value seeking" friend recommended it. I checked it out, and I see it's Korean and an NYU student haven. Any things to definitely try? I saw some small grilled fish that looked promising.

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  1. it's Japanese-run and is located inside of Village Yokocho...they have a few appetizers and medium-size plates but is really a bar not a restaurant...the fried oysters are decent, as is the mackeral sashimi...some other things are lackluster/mediocre...but it's a very cozy bar, especially good for a date...

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    1. re: Simon

      There are a million more interesting places to hang out in NY than Angel Share, and the food at Yokocho is, honestly, only good at 2 am in the morning when you're had more than your share of drinks. If you're looking for food, much better to go round the corner to Taisho.

      1. re: vbabe

        I agree about Yokocho's food but Yakitori Taisho is hardly any better.

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          That's interesting. I've eaten my way around quite a lot and I think a lot of Yokocho's menu is actually very good, even before 2 a.m. (though it's good for that late night rest stop, too). What exactly are you ordering here?

      2. My BF and I were dragged there a few months ago by a friend. We still joke about it being the absolute worst meal we've had together in more than seven years. Truly dreadful food.

        We'd previously only been there for drinks which are good. They have an enormous cocktail menu but I'd definitely go elsewhere for food.

        1. I've been to Angel Share a number if times and would never even think to try the food. Stick with the cocktails and enjoy the atmosphere when it isn't too packed with people waiting at the door.

          1. I don't understand, did you actually go into the hidden bar, or remained in the outside restaurant, because they are two different animals.

            Angel Share used to be my favorite romantic bar - everything there was perfect, until one day I was there with two friends of mine who were visiting from another country. First, one of them ordered a cranberry juice instead of a (much more expensive) cocktail. Second, when we got up to leave I only had enough cash to tip 10%. In my heart I thought it was unfair, and that I would tip the waiter (who knew us already) more heavily next time. The waiter gave us an attitude, then the manager came and told us that he knew us, but we are not welcome there anymore. Is this a way to treat a customer? It was one of the worst experience I've had.

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            1. re: nokitsch

              You kind of nailed it. I only snooped around in the outer restaurant, with a sushi bar looking area, (no sushi, but mostly cooked dishes being served), and assumed the far area was more seating. I'll have to check out the bar. I regularly shop at the Sunrise Market there, so I look around that street a lot, seeking treasures.

            2. Never had the food at Angel's Share. If it's food you want, eat at Yokocho, the restaurant right outside. Despite the diss, supra, I think it's very good. Angel's Share makes very nice cocktails, it has a classy and charming vibe, and if you're a whiskey / bourbon fan like me, you won't be disappointed by their selection. They use giant ice cubes in their drinks like you'd see in Tokyo, instead of lots of little ice cubes, b/c the surface area to volume ratio is lower, so your drink doesn't dilute as quickly. It's not a rowdy, college place.

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              1. re: cimui

                Just to resurrect this thread because we were at Angel's Share last night. It is a high end cocktail place that also serves nice snacks.

                The drinks are impeccable, and compared to the outrageous prices charged at the other serious cocktail spots popping up around town (Pegu Club, Death & Co, etc), you can't beat it. I never thought I would say that a $9 Aviation is a bargain, but actually, it is--when most bartenders have no idea how to make one and here it is made perfectly and served properly ungarnished.

                I have never had attitude problems there but I can understand their touchiness given the rowdy crowds just outside the door. They are trying to maintain a serious cocktail-reverent atmosphere, and not just be another bar where people are slugging down Amstel Lights and sweet cosmos/mojitos/drinks du jour.

                1. re: kenito799

                  Sure, the cocktails are great, but they still have an attitude.

                  They had a window that wouldn't close right above our booth. It was January. They wouldn't try to close it; and I had to ask if we could move. They said no. There were 2 other booths available.

                  I also find that I need to ask the waiter if we can order more drinks. Never do they stop to see how we are, as we sit there with empty glasses.