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Mar 23, 2007 08:42 PM

SFV restaurant w/room for party of 30

I'm looking for a holiday party locale for 25-30 office people in SFV from calabasas in west to east as far as universal, will be a weekday afternoon event

looking for something with diverse menu, like a cafe bisou or delmonico's but those have been hosts in the past so no repeats



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  1. Lotus Inn has great food and a back room with privacy to accomodate all. Lotus Inn (chinese) is on Ventura just E of Topanga N side next door to Jerry Deli and Fatburger. A restaurant one could easily just drive by. But, It's been there for years and for a reason! Another option you might consider is La Frite. One on Ventura at Fallbrook and one in Sherman Oaks. :)KQ

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      Only the one in Woodland Hills could accommodate that size party, yet a good suggestion. Villa Piacere on Ventura just west of Topanga Canyon might also satisfy your need.

    2. I responded to similar inquiry for places closer to Universal, so these are closer to Sherman Oaks and points east.

      Ca del Sole near Universal.
      Barsac http://www.barsac.com/
      Il Tiramusu http://www.iltiramisu.com
      Stanley's in Sherman Oaks
      Rive Gauche also (food is okay in my op, others better) but lots of patio and extra space.

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        I second Il Tiramisu. Very nice, very good food, and they will accomodate your party. I had a work luncheon there that I arranged with Peter, one of the father and son owners (Peter's the son) and it was wonderful! They even put together a smaller menu of an assortment of dishes for the staff to choose from.

        also look into Cafe Cordiale and Marmalade, both in Sherman Oaks.