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Mar 23, 2007 08:42 PM

SFV restaurant w/room for party of 30

I'm looking for a holiday party locale for 25-30 office people in SFV from calabasas in west to east as far as universal, will be a weekday afternoon event

looking for something with diverse menu, like a cafe bisou or delmonico's but those have been hosts in the past so no repeats



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  1. Lotus Inn has great food and a back room with privacy to accomodate all. Lotus Inn (chinese) is on Ventura just E of Topanga N side next door to Jerry Deli and Fatburger. A restaurant one could easily just drive by. But, It's been there for years and for a reason! Another option you might consider is La Frite. One on Ventura at Fallbrook and one in Sherman Oaks. :)KQ

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      Only the one in Woodland Hills could accommodate that size party, yet a good suggestion. Villa Piacere on Ventura just west of Topanga Canyon might also satisfy your need.

    2. I responded to similar inquiry for places closer to Universal, so these are closer to Sherman Oaks and points east.

      Ca del Sole near Universal.
      Il Tiramusu
      Stanley's in Sherman Oaks
      Rive Gauche also (food is okay in my op, others better) but lots of patio and extra space.

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        I second Il Tiramisu. Very nice, very good food, and they will accomodate your party. I had a work luncheon there that I arranged with Peter, one of the father and son owners (Peter's the son) and it was wonderful! They even put together a smaller menu of an assortment of dishes for the staff to choose from.

        also look into Cafe Cordiale and Marmalade, both in Sherman Oaks.