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Mar 23, 2007 06:49 PM

Sushi Sho on Solano, Berkeley?

Any opinions?

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  1. Everyone told me this was THE place for sushi in Berkeley. It's fine.
    He's very dedicated, traditional and intense, but the fish just isn't of exceptional quality, nor is it super fresh, and I find the wasabi to be way out of balance (too much) in most cases.

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    1. re: Aaron

      i remember reading on chowhound that he was trained by the sushi chef of the emperor of japan.

      i kind of feel stupid believing it though.

    2. Sushi Sho is very good, definitely better than Kirala in my book. Go early though, it tends to get crowded fast.

      There should be more than one thread about this place if you search for it.

      1. I really like it. I've been maybe three or four times and it's always been excellent.

        1. Our experience, based on two visits, was that the place is rather quirky. Both the sushi chef and his wife (who served) exhibited some mild control-freak behaviour (e.g. he wouldn't put wasabi in our children's nigiri despite our saying that they could deal with it, because he didn't let his son have wasabi until he was twelve or something). We were eating pretty much omakase but what was on offer was not exceptional, though it was decent (and better than our last visit to Kirala, I might add). Ideologically I like the feel of the place, but my sense is that you need to become a regular -- which I would contemplate if I lived in the area. --PR

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          1. re: Prabhakar Ragde

            The chef is definitely hard to deal with. Ask a question and you'll wish you hadn't. If you want more than just sushi and teriyaki, you're out of luck here. No soba noodles. That's another reason we don't go here.

          2. So, where do the 'hounds go for good sushi chow in the Berkeley area?

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            1. re: chemchef

              I'm not that adventurous (get california rolls and tempura), but always go to Miyuki's, which is only a block or two away from Sushi Sho. They have this amazingly great combo deal at lunch.

              1. re: chemchef

                A new sushi place just opened a bit further down on Solano. called Sushi Solano. I think it took over Beauregard. Can anyone confirm? Has anyone tried it?

                1. re: nicedragonboy

                  Yes, it's a sushi place and they haven't redecorated much so it looks rather funny. Haven't tried it yet. What's the combo deal at Miyuki's?

                  1. re: Glencora

                    MIYUKI SPECIAL
                    (Served with Soup and Rice)

                    TEMPURA, SASHIMI, SUSHI ROLL and Choice of

                    1. re: junk2

                      And they have an even cheaper one w/o the sashimi and sushi roll for $6.95 which I used to get all the time, but I think they may have raised there prices since I was last there.

                2. re: chemchef

                  My wife and I really like Kirala. Not better quality than Sushi Sho, but still (IMHO) very good and much less expensive.

                  As far as Miyuki, ick. It's seriously low-end. The price is cheap, though, but I've regretted going each time.