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Mar 23, 2007 06:24 PM

Ideas for feeding teenagers during student movie shoot?

Our budding teenage director will be shooting a movie again soon. In the past I have provided sliced 3' long layered sub type sandwiches from Gelson's, chips, green salad, fruit salad, good takeout pizza, brownies, cookies, juice squeezes, etc. The purchased items have worked well but it would be nice to have something I can make ahead--save $$ by doing it myself & not have last minute pickup, as I participate in other ways as well as craft service.

I need things I can pull from the frig, heat if necessary, or have at room temp & serve with minimum hassle. They are used to getting a pretty tasty spread, & I enjoy providing it.

Any ideas, anyone? Maybe something like chile? Even if it gets too hectic to prepare the food myself I could use some fresh ideas for ordering prepared items. These are mostly high school freshmen & sophomores (& their parents always help finish eating it up when they pick up their kids).

Thanks for any input!

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  1. I keep alot of food in my freezer just in case. One things the kids love and can be kept in the freezer is taquitos. I make either bbq chicken or beef ones. You can start with a ready made chicken, shred it, or shredded beef, add your favorite bbq sauce and cook in down for about a half hour to let the sauce get into the meat and loose some of the liquid. I then use soft taco size flour tortillas and just roll them up taquito style. I freeze them in baggies, and either defrost them in the microwave with a wet paper towel for about one minute til defrosted, then put them in the oven to get crispy, or just throw them into the oven straight from the freezer. Everyone loves them, make ahead and easy to serve.

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      Good idea, they will love it--I think I'll buy them premade as time is running short, & I should be able to get them at a reasonable price nearby.

    2. What's wrong with a bunch of sammys? I've made a picnic for up to 35 people. ALL my own sammys. I made a large bowl of tuna, egg salad and had sliced meat of sorts..bologna or salami or? Slice sammys in half and wrap, that way if one wanted a half a tuna and half and egg salad it was done. Never costs too much and it's easy. How about a big bag of M & M's. Target, KMart, Walmart. They all have the big bags of stuff. For fun, spoon frozen quick make puddings into ice cream cones and sprinkle w/ m & m's. Right now I'm munching on mini c.c Teddy Grahams. YUM I'm sure you could do something fun w/those. Don't forget about fresh berries oranges, grapes and the like.

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        Why didn't I think of sandwiches for any shooting away from home & the kitchen? And wrapping the halves, great. Thanks.

        I always have fresh fruits & green salads, & teenagers do eat them. I like to have healthy options.

      2. Grill cheese sandwiches
        Tacos--How about a taco station where they have fillings (tomatos, guacomole, lettuce, cheese), where you only have to make the ground beef?
        Another choice is to try buying the frozen tacos from Trader Joe's and heating them up. They are very tasty.
        Why not do a Mexican theme meal?

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          I think the Mexican theme will be great for one of the days, thanks. Along with the taquitos I can have quesadillas ready to heat--will the slow cooker I never use work for the ground beef for the taco station?

        2. how about jambalaya? I had my son's basketball team over for dinner one night and I did that with a salad and biscuits and it was a huge hit!

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            Do you have a jambalaya recipe? Thanks

          2. My first thought was big dishes of baked macaroni and cheese. My teenage sons and their friends love this one: and beg me to make it more often. Another favorite of theirs is pulled pork sandwiches. To keep it easy, I do a spice rub, roast the pork at a low temp for a long time, and hack it apart. You can do this days in advance. Before serving, simmer the pork in bbq sauce (they like Emiril's), and buy some fresh rolls. Cole slaw is a good side. I also like the other poster's idea of taquitos.

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              Will definitely do mac n cheese for one day, great idea. Like the pulled pork & cole slaw ideas, too. Thanks!