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Mar 23, 2007 05:35 PM

Sunday brunch?

Evening all! We are eloping to NOLA Easter weekend and need some brunch advice for Easter Sunday. Any recommendations? I know there will be reservation issues b/c of our last-minute planning, but we're going to give it a try.

In other food planning news, we're hitting Bayona, Upperline, and Jacques Imo's for sure. Any ideas for a superb Monday night meal? We're thinking about adding August, Stella or Herbsaint to our list. I realize these are all the "famous" restaurants—any secret finds that people would be willing to part with?

I appreciate all tips. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sunday brunch places: Commander's Palace, Arnaud's, Brennan's, -- all probably full already. You could also try Dante's Kitchen (way uptown, by Brigtsen's), and there's Palace Cafe (not my fave place, but people seem to like the brunch). You could also go a little more downscale and get breakfast at a place like Elizabeth's, Petunia's, Surrey's, or Eat. I'd check for sure whether they are open on Easter.

    The 6 restaurants you listed are all places I would have suggested. I don't really think there's such a thing as "secret finds" in New Orleans. If it's good, it's well-known. One pretty new place that maybe hasn't gotten as much press is Iris. It's open on Mondays, I believe. Very small, though, so make a res.

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      Thanks JGrey. I appreciate the info re: Iris. Our Monday slot is currently open, so I'll look into it.

    2. I'm probably going to get slammed for this rec, but I once had Sunday brunch at Delmonico's and it was amazing. Earlier that week I had stopped just to look and a friend and I were talking and a waitress on break or something came out and actually told us that if we were going to eat there, Sunday brunch was definitely their best meal. It struck me as an honest (not super-enthusiastic) endorsement, so we gave it a shot. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it over the places JGrey listed, but if those top few are booked, or if you have some Emeril curiosity, I'd give it a shot.

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        Adrienne, Funnily enough I just read that Delmonico's is doing a special Easter brunch. Commander's seems to have been booked since the dawn of time. We've even tried the, "We're eloping to NOLA that weekend," but the hostess was having none of it. So perhaps Delmonico's is the place. Thanks for the reply.

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          If you really want to get in there, once you get to your hotel, get a hold of your Concierge, and tip accordingly. I wanted to eat at August on a Saturday evening, around 8-ish, and with 1 day's notice, he got me a res. when it was 'booked".

          You might want to try that route...

      2. We had a fantastic Sunday Brunch at the Ritz Carlton on Canal Street. Apparently, it's a revamped version of their old one and now features live zydeco--very cool and N.O. festive. Service and food were superb. Buffet style food with all you can drink champagne and bloody mary's. I will definitley go back.

        Highly recommend. Our local friends loved it, too.

        1. One more I just saw an ad for: Cafe Degas has a Sunday brunch (and serves lunch Wed-Sat). I love the place for dinner, I'm sure the brunch is good. And the setting is nice, if the weather is nice, they roll up the awnings and the whole place is open air.

          1. Commander's Palace. Bar none. It's my favorite brunch place in New Orleans. The Turtle Soup is to die for, and the Bread Pudding Souffle will put you in heaven. I am drooling as I write this :-) Have a wonderful, happy life together!