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Lunch near the Flatiron building

Working near the Flatiron building until June. I was wondering if there's anything that's good and cheap nearby. Seems like slim pickings except for some run of the mill deli/buffet places.

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  1. Try: Tisserie, Rickshaw Dumplings, Mangia, Lenny's

    1. Shake Shack
      City Bakery (though it can add up)
      Taralluci e Vino
      Cafe Medina

      1. Shake shack, shake shack, shake shack.

        Isn't there a 'wichcraft around there?

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        1. re: rose water

          There will be a 'wichcraft coming soon (I think on 20th near Bwy).

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            The cafe in the Equinox Health Club on Broadway btw 20th and 21st St is open to the public and not bad for the money.

            There is a Chipotle at about 18th Street and Broadway.

            You're right abut the neighborhood!!!

        2. Try the Tamarind cafe (not the main restaurant)- they serve delicious wraps. Haven't been there for a while, but the quality was always superb.

          Also, Via Emilia is near. It's a long time since I have been (I haven't ever been to the new location), but it used to be inexpensive and high quality.

          Eisenberg's is a favorite.

          How about Mangia on 23rd, or even Rickshaw?

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            I second Eisenberg's. Try the tuna salad...best in the city.

            1. re: Unpossible

              ...and the BEST grilled cheese in the city, too!

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                Hahaha...I've come to value your opinion, LFeinberg, but here we'll have to agree to disagree, unless the sandwich is appreciably better at the counter than it is delivered. Don't get me wrong, I love love love Eisenberg's, but I had the floppiest, saddest grilled cheese ever from them, I had to peel it off the foil wrapper! But they make one of my favorite hot pastrami sandwiches anywhere.

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                  You're cute! I've never had delivery from Eisenberg's, but I can tell you that the counter served grilled cheese brings back happy memories of childhood. It's no-nonsense, not fancy...just buttery white bread grilled to a golden brown oozing with American cheese. Yum! :)

          2. Check the side streets below 23rd for some good eats. There's a great coffee shop/sandwich shop on 20th between 5th & 6th (Spoon), on 19th there is Uncle Moe's for good, cheap tacos, on 18th there is City Bakery and the Cupcake Cafe. On 17th there is Petite Abeille.

            Eisenberg's and Rickshaw were both great suggestions. Don't hold your breath for 'wichcraft, that place has been threatening to open for months and months.

            You're within easy delivery distance for RICE on Lexington, which is great for lunch.

            And I kind of like NY Burger Co when I'm in the mood for a burger or a big salad, there are two, one on 6th Ave between 21st & 22nd, and another on Park just above 23rd.

            If you're in the mood to walk a little further west on 23rd and 7th is RUB. I keep hearing it's NYC's best BBQ.

            And the pizza is very very good at Bravo Pizza on 5th Ave between 19th & 20th, for those days when you really need a slice. Fresh mozzarella is better than the regular slice.

            OH! And Republic in Union Square. The delivery is unbelievably fast, and the food is interesting and tasty.

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              I went to Rub last summer and ordered the brisket and it wasn't that big of a deal.

              Horrible service too. I went around 2PM and the place wasn't busy at all (there were maybe four tables seated inside) and the waiters were nowhere to be found. I had to wait forever to get a refill for my water.

            2. My current favorite lunch spot nearby is Blue Dog Cafe, on 25th just west of 6th. Wonderful sandwiches, prepared foods and bakery items.

              1. Mayrose? I haven't be in a while though.

                1. I just remembered Bonobos. I'm not crazy about it - not because it is all vegetarian, but because I find the food too rich, but it is worth a try to see if you like it. 18 East 23rd.

                  1. I work on 6th and 23rd. One of my favorite places for lunch is Cafe Beyond, in the Bed Bath and Beyond store on 6th btwn 18th and 19th -- great salads and burritos, and the food is always really fresh.

                    I love going to RUB when I want a big bbq lunch, and the NY Burger Company is good for burgers, although I am determined to brave the lines and try Shake Shack in the next few weeks, which could change everything, from what I hear.

                    I also think Cosi (6th btwn 22nd and 23rd, but there are other locations all over the place) is pretty good.

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                      I've always found the burgers at NY Burger Company to be kind of dry and tasteless, cooked too long, although it's cool they have all of those gourmet sauces.

                      When I want a non-Shake Shack takeout burger, I call up Blue Smoke. It's giant, and oozes, and drippy, and will put you in a coma for the rest of the day, but it's delicious.

                      1. re: kathryn

                        The veggie burgers (w/tzatziki) and turkey burger (w/caramelized onions and maple dijon) are both better than the regular burgers at NY Burger Company. I kind of appreciate that the food isn't excessively salty, but you're right, sometimes it runs to really really bland. The rolls there are unbeatable, they get their brioche buns from Yura, and the whole wheat is delicious. And they toast them! For under $10 the Big Deal (w/salad or fries and water or soda) is great if you're really hungry...and you can patch something together that seems healthy, at least.

                        The breakfast there is the best to go in the neighborhood.

                      2. Sorry to be a thread hog, but I just remembered another idea. There is a non-descript deli (ubiquitous steam table buffet, salad bar, etc) on 19th and 5th (on 5th Ave) that has some tasty secrets in the back.

                        1) They have an udon counter that everyone in my office loves.
                        2) They have Mongolian BBQ all the way in the back, it's delicious and fresh.
                        3) Because the first two selections are so reliably good, I revisited their pre-made sushi bar, and while it's not mind-blowing, it's fresh and tasty, cheap and fast.

                        And I took a walk over to Kalustyan's on Friday, on 28th and Lexington, and stocked up on weekend snacks to take home, and now I'm thinking about making it more of a regular weekday thing now that the weather is better. The lamahjoun and the hummus were incredibly good. (Not to mention the $80 I spent on spices and condiments and sweets.)

                        There was a new thread about a promising new Indian place on E 28th between Park and Lex, Tiffin Wallah. I'll be trying it soon and will report back. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/38116...

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                        1. re: ballulah

                          Love, love, love Kalustyan's!! You can also check out Madras Mahal in the same area...great Indian food.

                        2. Wow, so many choices. I will look around with these places in mind. I did try to go to the Shake Shack today. I didn't really quite realize what people meant when they said the lines were long. It was like there were Springsteen tickets on sale or something...Maybe if I get there really early? Fortunately, I packed a PB&J sandwich to tide me over today. Thanks for the suggestions, folks. I was really at a loss with regard to the whole area!

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                            There's a Shake Shack Webcam for checking out the line, although it doesn't appear to be up and running yet (the Web site still says "closed for the season":


                          2. If you take a walk down 23rd to around 8th, there's F&B ("european street food" - not your standard deli fare).

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                              I forgot about that place! My best friend took me there once--it was pretty cool.

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                                FWIW, I think F&B is crap! (Plus I don't buy that it's "European street food.")

                                1. re: Blumie

                                  Ok, you don't like it. We used to live in that neighborhood and found it to be a nice place to have a casual lunch. The food was better than fast food (and for what it is - mostly hot dogs & fries - it's pretty good) and it was a fun place to go. Whether or not it is "european street food" is another matter...

                            2. Try Great Burrito on 23rd St, N side, one or two doors west of Sixth Ave. Although it looks like a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint with a suspect name, it has some of the best cheap Mexican food around (served with real plates and silverware!) Try the tortas or tacos...the pork taco, for one, is sheer heaven.

                              Many other Hounds seem to agree:


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                                1. re: jahnbon

                                  That's a great tip, I'm going to have to check that out myself. Thanks!

                                  1. re: ballulah

                                    Ennju, Chop't and Rainbow Falafel all on 17th bet. Bdwy and Fifth.

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                                    I haven't tried this in a while, although I recall it was good. However, it's on the South side, not the North side.

                                  3. I believe there's now a 'wichcraft at 19th and B'way

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                                    1. re: Odelay101

                                      Unless something changed very recently, it's been sitting there with the windows papered for a few months - not open.

                                      1. re: Scott V

                                        I didn't save it, but I recently received an email about the opening at this location. I don't recall whether it indicated that it was open or was soon to be open.

                                      2. re: Odelay101

                                        It's actually 20th and B'way, and it's been on the verge of opening for months and months and months. I think it USED to be open on 19th and B'way, closed, and moved and has yet to re-open. I've worked in the area for about a year now, and have yet to see a 'wichcraft with open doors.

                                      3. Either Petit Abeille or the BLT Fish Shack on 17th between 5th & 6th.

                                        1. BTW everyone, 'wichcraft finally opened on 20th between 5th and Bway this week. I ate there today: great soup (lentil with parmesan), ok sandwich (chopped chickpeas).