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Mar 23, 2007 05:02 PM

Cocoa with (big) kids

What's the best place on the Space Coast--in or near Cocoa Beach, preferably--for a decent dinner that grown-ups would like and kids (big) wouldn't hate?

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  1. Would help if we knew what type of food & atmosphere you're looking for?

    CB restaurants run the gamut. There's Silvestro's ( ) for sitdown Italian; Coconuts ( ) for casual dining on the beach and everything in between.

    There's several threads on this board that will show up if you search "Cocoa Beach" or "Brevard".

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      You might want to take a look at the listing at:

      And then ask for some specific recommendations

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        This helps, thanks. Actually I'm writing an article on the area. The readership will be grandparents with big kids along so I'm hoping to find some sort of wow factor, if not the in the food then in a theme or something.

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          I second Bernard's Surf. There's also Heidelberg, a German place next door a Heidi's Jazz Club. Or on the same street, Roberto's Little Havana for Cuban sandwiches.

          Are you writing for FLAT? I used to work there. Please don't forget, per Chowhound etiquette, to mention in your story that you got the tips from Chowhound, as we are a "filtered media source."

      2. Don't forget Italian Garden, on 520 just up from A1A. Great food, and very kid friendly.. Also I really like the old standby, Bernard's Surf, one of the oldest spots to dine in Cocoa Beach. Still and always a great place for all ages.

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          A bit off the subject, but last year when we were looking for new places in cocoa beach, mustardqm, you were nice enough to turn us on to Silvestro's which we enjoyed. Anything new (we eat almost everything) in the area since last year that we should add in to our usual list?

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              I'd read there is a Down the Hatch in Daytona Beach...where is the one in Cocoa Beach?
              Thanks! Julie

              1. re: JulieF

                There isn't, that I know of, and Daytona's too far of a schlep. From beachside it would take you nearly an hour and a half (since A1A doesn't run all the way up, you have to cross back over).

                1. re: Covert Ops

                  Thanks! Wondered why "Clean Plate" would recommend this for cocoa beach...hmmm.

            2. Go to Cafe Margot in Cocoa Village. It has the most divine - and I mean divine- tomato soup and the last time I was there they had a snapper special that was one of the most memorable dishes I have ever tasted. You will not be disappointed!

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              1. re: sunsuze

                It's spelled Cafe Margaux, to help with your Google searches.
                Note, they are closed most of July:

                1. re: Covert Ops

                  We're usually in cocoa beach area around July 4th weekend...we've looked in their window longingly and read their menu (Cafe Margaux) but they're always closed when we're in town.
                  What's your take on best seafood in cocoa?

                  1. re: JulieF

                    Corky Bells, on US1, north of Cocoa has recently reopened and expanded after having been burned down a couple years ago. Their seafood is fresh and plentiful, although there is little ambiance. There is a seafood platter for four, that could possible serve twice that number. Prices are quite reasonable, but arrive early as a line usually starts forming around 6PM.

                    1. re: Leemart

                      Thanks...looked them up and might be able to go there. Read that people like their fried shrimp and oysters. Fried being the operative word. Only thing is they're a bit of a drive north and closer to Titusville than where we will be in cocoa beach.

                      1. re: JulieF

                        Boston's Beef and Seafood is an authenic new england fish house with lobster rolls on Fridays. Can't miss it, just look for all the Grand Marquis parked outside with Mass., New Hempshire, Rhode Island, license plates and the line of grey hairs..... I'm not making this up, this place is very popular with the new england retiree population. It's not all that cheap, but they do some of the best fried seafood and chowder I've had.

                        Corkey Bell's is good, I grew up eating there, but I think Boston's is fresher. Now if I could only understand what most of the people in there are sayin.....