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Blue Velvet Downtown...anyone...anyone???

  • afs Mar 23, 2007 04:59 PM
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I finally get the chance to check out Blue Velvet tonight. Saw the downtown news article, heard people chatter about the place, some liked it some didn't like. They have a full bar so regardless I'll be happy.
Bottom line is........ what's good there?


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  1. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/380161

    1. Took the wife for her birthday last week. Really cool space. The design by Tag front is exceptional and fun. The food was good and inventive. I had the lobster cassoulet (slightly underseasoned, IMHO) and a roast chicken with speck that was delicous. We had a caramel, butterscotch dessert that was very, very tastey.

      The only quibble I have with the place is the noise. The bar area adjacent to where we were seated was loud -- there were a couple of sauced-up young ladies in there who were yelling at everybody who walked by. not the best. but perhaps not the usual. hard to tell.

      but other than that, it was a very enjoyable evening. a worthy addition to the downtown/westlake area.

      1. We have been and really liked it. Great space-just beautiful. The food has been cosictantly good. The service was great.

        1. I went recently. The decor has a specific appeal, which doesn't work for me. The bartender, Mike, is wonderful. It goes down hill from there. The manager is a jerk and the menu didn't have anything that grabbed me. I tried a few items and none of them were exceptional, except for the price. The food was ok. Just ok. I found the ambience sterile to annoying. A good crowd for third tier celeb types and skinny chicks. The unisex bathrooms didn't work for me.

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            Is it pricey? What's the $ range?

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              As I recall, it's upper mid-priced, which is to say that appetizers were in the low teens and entrees in the $20-$40 range.

          2. Here's a previous thread on Blue Velvet in which I gave my two cents: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/346987

            We didn't like the fried yogurt as much as others did, but we loved our entrees and the beet cake dessert.

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              Really? Beet cake? I have to applaud a restaurant that makes something delicious out of something that sounds...questionable at best. Thats for the scoop!

              1. re: running pig

                Yeah, I know - but it really was good!

            2. Good wine list. Affordable selections and eclectic. High quality. A delight. Reminds me of the orignal list at Opaline.

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                I've been there twice now, for lunch, as I am not hip enough to go there at night. The food has been solid, service nice, hostest super nice. The decor is so nice, I wish my house looked like that. If you go, make sure you take a walk around the entire space, it's really unique and don't skip the co-ed bathroom, it's a highlight.