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Mar 23, 2007 04:34 PM

Best real steak in the late hours?

Hi all --

Anybody know where one can find a great, *real* steak (something like an aged 30 oz. bone-in ribeye, or similar) in the post-10/11 p.m. timeframe? I know of a lot of steak and eggs options, and of the skirt steaks at Bossa Nova, but I'd love some *real* steak options. Doesn't have to be a steak house, in the strictest sense, but a cut that one would be happy to serve. Preferably Hollywood/Beverly Hills, but willing to travel for a good piece of meat.


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  1. Best bet is probably Pacific Dining Car (two locations, downtown and Santa Monica)

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      Agree. Musso & Frank might work too, but I'm not sure how late they're open.

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        Pacific Dining Car is nothing special (despite the extreme prices) until it's 1 am. Then it's great. Probably because at that hour there is nothing else open and if you really want a huge steak after midnight anything is going to seem good. Maybe even at 11 pm. But not otherwise. Also, try finding Eggs Benedict or Sardou anywhere else on a weekday early morning. And don't ignore the wine list - one of the underrated gems in the City.

      2. I second the recommendation for Pacific Dining Car -- open 24 hours and they make a great steak.

        Another option closer to your Beverly Hills/Hollywood area is Lucques. They have a bar menu with a nice steak frites that is served later than their regular menu -- according to their website, the bar menu is available until 11.

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          I thought about suggesting the steak frites at Lucques too (cause it kicks ass) but it's more of a skirt steak, which doesn't really match the OP's desire for an "aged 30 oz. bone-in ribeye" very well. Tanja -- if you're flexible on that point, I agree completely with DanaB.

        2. the Pacific Dining Car is a fantatic steak at any hour and they happen to be 24/7. Be sure and try their sausage and margaritas too. Their service is perfect also. Bring a full wallet.

          1. The Standard Sunset is 24/7. Scroll down the menu to find a NY steak and Argentine grilled steak from 5pm to 6am:

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            1. re: chica

              Have you tried the steak at the Standard Sunset? Is it any good?

              I've only been to the one in downtown and the steak I had there was vile. Curious whether if it is any different at their other location.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                No, I haven't tried the steak at either Standard, but just know it's on the menu. Sorry to hear about the bad experience. At the hours I've been to the Standards, I'm usually not up for heavy red meat, but sweets. The sandwiches and burgers at the Sunset are passable, but the service is lackluster. In any event, given that the rooftop scene upstairs at the Downtown location is bar none one of the best in the area, I'd still probably stick to the Standard Downtown.

                1. re: chica

                  Although I agree that the rooftop Downtown Standard has great minicheeseburger platters and other appetizer fare, I was unaware that they serve "real" meals, like a full on steak. Is this part of the rooftop scene or is there another restaurant in the place?

                  1. re: Griller141

          's all a part of the lobby restaurant. The rooftop bar only serves drinks.

            2. I just remembered that Kate Mantilini's menu has steaks, ribs, filet mignon, etc.; the place closes at 12 am Mon-Thurs., but I definitely recall it staying open until 2 am Fri. and Sat. mornings.