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Mar 23, 2007 04:31 PM

Need Recs for Atwater Village Tonight!

My cousin is coming into town from san diego for a show in atwater village. we agreed to meet for dinner before the show. Need recs for a moderately-priced (~10-15 bucks an entree) sit-down restaurant. We are up for anything! the only things i can think of are canele which i think might be too pricey and booked for a friday evening and casa bianca in eagle rock but i just had pizza last night. I vaguely remember hearing about a pita place or something. Help me out on anything you can think of! Thanks chowhounds!

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  1. Indochine Vien on Glendale Blvd. This is not a fancy place, but it is also not a grungy place. I had a decent bowl of pho, a set of spring rolls, and a drink there within the last few months. Total came to something like $15 or $16. I left a good tip, so it came out to $20. It's right next to Coldstone Creamery in a little strip of shops, with parking in back. I think it's either in or very close to Atwater Village. It's a few dollars more than pho at other places, but it might be worth it.

    More info, inlcuding hours, address, and menu, can be found on the following link:


    1. Canele doesn't take reservations, so you can always drive by and see how much wait there is. If it's too expensive, there aren't too many alternatives right in Atwater except Indian Sweets and Spices. If that's too funky, you could try Indochine, the Vietnamese place across the street from Canele -- their food is fine for a neighborhood spot. Otherwise, I would suggest heading over to Gingergrass in Silver Lake which is not far, although it might be packed too. I don't know of any pita place...

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        thanks kat and patty for your suggestions...i totally forgot about gingergrass. gingergrass, it is! thanks again.

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          No problem. :) I think Silverlake Wine is across the street from Gingergrass. I've never gone in, but I've heard good things about it on the board. If you have the extra time and want to buy or check out wine, it might be worth a walk across the street from Gingergrass. :)

      2. the pita place was illusory, and turned into a joke of sorts. In Atwater, about a year ago there was in fact an elaborate restaurant facade built, and signage put up, indicating to most of us that we would soon have a felafel/kebab place. Turns out, though, that it was a MOVIE SET....

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          silverlakebodhisattva, have you been to the new Vito's yet? He still gots it ! ! !