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Mar 23, 2007 04:16 PM

Tsukiji fish at Mitama (Berkeley)

Went to Mitam on College Ave (near Berkeley/Oakland border) last night. A white board showed they have some unusual wild fish flown in from Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. We had the yazu ("young yellowtail") -- other options included "flag fish" (can't recall the long Japanese name), a type of cuttlefish, anago, and a couple others that were sold out. Price was $9.50 for a nigiri pair.

The yazu was fantastic. While it was not as good as the fish at the tiny sushi bars next to Tsukiji, it was "reminiscent"... and the best we've had in the EB. Please go and encourage them to keep bringing specials over!

Other stuff was good, as usual, esp the tempura veggies and hamachi sushi. Only downer was the ikura, which wasn't very good this time.

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  1. It would be interesting to find out if Mitama has an independent source.buyer for fish from Tsukiji, or do they go through the giant distributors (e.g. True World - conveniently located for them south in San Leandro). Bay Spo (an free Japanese circulation available at most Japanese businesses) have ads for True World practically every week, and TW's empire is so huge (with nationwide reach) they employ Japanese fish buyers at Tsukiji to stock the needed fish for restaurant and thus customer demand, and per Bay Spo have profiles on some of the buyers (those who make their living buying for restaurants, wholesalers/distributors and are trained to tell what is good by a glance/inspection).

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