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Mar 23, 2007 04:10 PM

Quick Trip for College

Going to NOLA with Mrs Jfood and a little Jfood who may go to college in NOLA. Booked Commander's for the one night we are there. Felt we gotta do it but I have not been there in >10 years.

Right Choice?

I do not like very spice, but can handle a little. Any suggestions for us Northerners.


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  1. I'm an out of towner myself, but in planning for an upcoming visit to NOLA, I've noticed the Hounds are not very high on Commander's since its re-opening. We have chosen not to return and have booked tables at Stella! and Jacques-Imo (near Tulane, but Cajun/Creole) instead. Loved both of them last time and thrilled they are still around.

    Have fun college shopping!!!

    1. Don't go there. Where are you staying? Stick to the FQ if you are staying near there. Stella, Bayonna, Pelican Club, Rib Room,Cafe Giovanni, Broussards, the list goes on. Outside, Cuvee, Restaurant August, Herbsaint, Bon Ton, Tommys,Rio Mar, again the list goes on. Explore something new.

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        So, what's wrong with Commander's? Just "Don't go there." won't suffice for me.

        1. re: ChefJune

          I have yet to have a meal there that was good and that was preK. Ubiquitous service so why is the food always lukewarm at best? Haven't been postK but all who have been tell me they are not up to speed. Just Okay. It was just Okay before the storm in my opinion.

      2. I am thinking that little Jfood may enjoy going to Jacques Imo's. Yeah, I know about the wait, and there will only be three of you, so you cannot book a reservation, as I believe they require five. However, this is such a fun and yummy place. It is without a doubt my student's favorite, although he would not turn down Commander's or just about any of NOLA's finest. If you are staying in the Quarter, it will be a cab ride there and back. While O/T my last few visits I have stayed at the Hampton Inn on St. Charles to be closer to campus, and my student. Here is a recent post re: Jacques Imo's and Stella:

        1. We always did Commander's for lunch for a fraction of what dinner costs there.

          1. I"ve enjoyed your posts on other threads regarding "not about food" and if I understand you a lil bit - you will really enjoy Bon Tons. Excellent food, definately New Orleans, great service! I Lived just outside NOLA for 7 years (graduated HS down there). I go once a year just to eat.

            Must haves, can't miss (to start):

            Mother's on Poydras (for any po-boy or red bean and rice - or anything)
            Acme Oyster Bar in French Quarter
            Roast Beef Po Boy at Parasol's in Garden District
            Muffelatta at Central Grocer
            Beneits at Cafe Du Monde
            BBQ Shrimp (I don't have a favorite place)

            Just graze all day, plan on 5-8 small meals a day................ I'm jealous!