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Mar 23, 2007 03:18 PM

Baked Zizi Pizza

I've found myself with a yen for baked ziti pizza.

Can anyone share their favorite spot for this seemingly uncommon specialty? Bonus points if the pizza place is located in Brooklyn or below 14th St in Manhattan.


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  1. Megan, one of the best tasting slices I've ever had was several years ago. Back then it cost me five bucks, but when I tasted it, I realized it was worth every cent. It might be worthy of a visit if you're in the area (and the pie is fresh). BTW, *bonus points* locale too!

    Cafe Amore Pizza Restaurant
    104 E 14th Street
    (212) 420-8287

    1. I don't like this pizzeria because of their attitude and Manhattan-ish prices, but Pizza Royale (part of Vaccaro Ristorante) on Fort Hamilton Parkway & 68th St (bordering Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights) has a nice ziti pizza. A great "quesadilla" pizza, which is nothing more than red onions, chicken, and a different tomato sauce, if you want to try something new. But, the prices are a bit high... unless you're used to eating in Manhattan. Then it's normal.