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Mar 23, 2007 02:45 PM

Need a "nice" brunch - Houston to 72nd

Very broad, I know. I have older relatives coming into town, wanting to have a "nice" brunch. That means either casually elegant or charmingly country. Price isn't really an issue.

I was thinking Telepan, after having had a fabulous lunch there several months ago. Any other good candidates?

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  1. Eleven Madison Park would be my pick. Skip the breakfast foods and order the dishes that feature Chef Humm's exquisite French-inspired cuisine. Excellent wine list, perfect service, and a gorgeous space!

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      RGR: i have to try 11 madison park. do you know danny meyer personally? you always seem to love and know so much about his restaurants (you have good taste). i love blue smoke, shake shack and union sq cafe. if this guy is consistent, then 11 madison park has to be awesome.

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        Hey, hoon, While I love the Shake Shack, I'm not a fan of USC or Blue Smoke. We had dinner once at USC many years ago and have never gone back because we found the food extremely disappointing. We've been to Blue Smoke a couple of times and, though there have been a few things I liked, I'm not really crazy about the ribs.

        We had taken Gramercy Tavern off our list because none of the meals we had there ever really satisfied us. However, we decided to try it again after Chef Michael Anthony took over. We had dinner in the Tavern Room and liked the food. We will eventually try the dining room again despite reading some mixed reports about the food there.

        We've eaten a couple of times on the terrace at Bread Bar. The food's good, not great. We've never tried Tabla. Perhaps sometime we will. The Modern is definitely on our "go to" list.

        Danny Meyer was the first restauranteur to open a totally smoke-free restaurant (USC), and all his restaurants have been that way well before the smoking ban was passed. In that regard, he was a trailblazer. No, I don't know him personally, but for that alone, I have great admiration for him. And let's not forget that he was mainly responsible for getting Madison Square Park cleaned up so that it could become the lovely space it is today where we can relax and enjoy the Shake Shack.

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          Puttanesca, 9th ave and 56th.
          yum yum.
          The no meal exceeds $12 or so, thought most are $8 and the portions are big.
          For another $8, there's unlimited drinks.
          I love this place, I go at least once a month.
          The omelettes are delicious, the service can sometimes lack- but it really depends on the waiter.
          Also, it's on the corner so there'slots of people watching.

      2. Jane makes a nice brunch. They actually honor reservations (use I've never had a bad dish or disappointed fellow diner there.

        The French Toast is a huge portion and (but) delicious.

        1. Based on recommendations on this board, I went to Cookshop a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. And you can make reservations on

          1. Prune - 1st and 1st - is great!

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              Prune's food is great, but the room can get really cramped, and the waits can get long.