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Mar 23, 2007 02:21 PM

Lunch tomorrow (Sat.) - 1st date - Village or Soho - $20

I'm visiting and will be in Chelsea and working my way south to Soho, with a date in tow. Anywhere in the Village or Soho works. I'm looking for casual, not scene-y, good to great food, slightly romantic and/or has decent lighting :) Ultimately, I'd like to keep it around or under $20, inclusive of everything, with one non-alcoholic drink.

I was thinking something like Jane or Zoe, but will they be packed at 2 pm on a Saturday? Off the beaten path is fine, and all cuisines are welcome. I generally like light items such as sandwiches, salads with grilled proteins, panini, etc., and I take him to be a burger and fries kind of guy, but I will stray for a good Italian pork sandwich or burrito.

Not food related: Is it a bad sign when the Philly girl has to pick the restaurant instead of the local guy? :)

Thanks for all responses.

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  1. You can make reservations at Jane. Saturday is generally not as crowded for lunch/brunch as Sunday is, so it might not be too bad. I also like Deborah, where I've always been able to get a seat for 2 without a wait.

    1. i think Jane is a good idea as well.

      i believe you can reserve on opentable to make it even easier.

      1. You can get great burgers at The Stoned Crow on Washington St. just off 6th Ave. or terrific sandwiches (cash only) or pasta (also delicious) at Bar Pitti on 6th near Bleecker.

        1. I'd say either Cornelia Street Café or I Tre Merli, though I'd check what time they do lunch on Saturday.

          1. Jane and Zoe are good choices, but you may end up at more than $20 a head, especially when you add in tip and tax. Also consider Blue Ribbon Bakery. The lighting downstairs is dark, but upstairs is well-lit.

            There's also a good sandwich place right around the corner from there, but I can't think of the name, maybe ino? They have great panini.