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Mar 23, 2007 02:20 PM

Hot Stuff

After Kapuku's review and my corporate housing's proximity, I decided to try Hot Stuff this evening.

After the rave about the chili paneer, how could i say no? Nice sized portion of perfect cubes of paneer tossed with chili, onion and peppers. It was great. Rich and buttery with a nice, flavorful chili sauce. Thanks Kapuku.

I next opted for specials. I went for the Masala Fish and the Lamb in Butter Sauce. The Masala fish was excellent. Fillets of delicate, white fish in a savory, slightly tart sauce. I proved an excellent foil to the butter lamb, which was shockingly rich and oily. In fact, it was just a touch too oily for me, but hey, what did I expect from Lamb in Butter Sauce. Once I got past the oil, the sauce it self was delectable.

I ordered naan to go along. The naan was coated in garlic, butter, chili powder and fresh coriander leaves. Great naan.

Much like Kapuku, my main disappointment was in the spiciness of the food. I ordered everything "spicy". What I got back was barely medium. It you go and like the heat, make sure you emphasize extra spicy.

The owner Raj was friendly and talkative (in a good way). Nice atmosphere. I'll definitely be back with friends to explore the menu.



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  1. There is a lot to like about a new place on Bethnal Green Road called Mai'da Indian Eatery. I say that as a person who used to believe that there was no decent Indian food north of Whitechapel. If they can continue to produce food as delicious as that I enjoyed this evening, then I am sure they will succeed.

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      Thanks for the ref to Maida. I'll be staying at a place on Great Eastern Street in May, and Maida looks to be a stone's throw. What did you have? Recommendations?

      Also, if anyone has suggestions for moderate-2-cheapish places in the area (10-15 mins walk), I'd appreciate you sharing. Especially if you know where I can go for casual afternoon tea (tea, scones/cream & cuke s'wiches), everyday in the area. I've been to Browns, Dorch, Ritz, F& al and don't fancy spending 80 quid on tea every day.