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Mar 23, 2007 02:12 PM

Best Burgers in Somerville/Medford Area

I am dying for a nice juicy cheeseburger right now... I was wondering if anyone could tell me some good places in the Somerville/Medford Area that you know of. Thank you!!!

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  1. R.F. O'Sullivans in Somerville... this gets posted to the point of exhaustion ! So much So, that I have taken to find a different burger jones joint, because I am bored with it being "all about O'Sullivan;s" This is not a knock to their burgers which are probably No. 1, but I feel like I read so many posts about them, its like eating there again and again. So, that said, I actually almost prefer the burgers at Christopher's in Porter Square in Cambridge. This is actually just on cross stree away from O'Sullivans. Christophers has a nice cozy atmosphere, an impressive beer list, a little gas fireplace and is now my favorite for burgers. I like the English burger served with melted sharp cheddar and cooke in an ale and serve on an english muffin. I actually really love their fries too. They do phenom homemade veggie burgers and offer some very decent quality fish, chx and pasta entrees. I love their catfish. It has a little more atmosphere that RF's and I guess until I saturate my burger jones, it is my go to place now. They do have a website.... google it, or if I remember it, I'll post back.

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      Buddernut back again... I found the .
      My poor typing in prior post makes it look like I inferred Christopher's was located on cross street.... I was trying to say that it is just a cross street away, so don't let the cambridge locale throw you. Check the web... check the place ... check the burgers. I don't think you'll be disappointed. (PS: They actually make a burger they way I prefer.... meat is not press to tightly together to form the burger. They assemble a nice loose, thick burger which makes it more delicate to bite into).

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        Mmmmm... I've actually been there for some beers and got the buffalo tenders and I remember them being super delicious. I'll have to try the burger there... Probably go there tonight. Thanks for the suggestion!!!!!!

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        PJ Ryan's in Teele Sq has good burgers. Good tap lineup also.

      3. In Inman Square-while not technically Somerville, it's close enough-the Druid has a good burger. I think O'Sullivan's has gone downhill IMHO.

        1. While the relative merits and demerits of O'Sullivan's have been posted about here to the point of exhaustion, allow me to add another excellent burger that I discovered in the area last night: at West Side Lounge on Mass Ave between Porter Square and Harvard Square. Perfectly seasoned and cooked patty with a sharp, salty, perfectly melted Manchego cheese, some kind of sweet, savory carmelized onion relish or marmalade, and a delicious garlic aoili (sp?) all on a firm, lovely griddled brioche bun, served wtih a mound of crisp frites and more of that aioli for dipping. Really terrific.


          1. if you're willing to drive into cambridge on mass ave, Central Kitchen used to have a great burger on sundays and mondays.

            1. A bit closer to Somerville/Medford is Gargoyle's in Davis Square, which has a lethal burger on their bar menu (I had one right before the St. Patrick's weekend, they added a slab of Irish bacon to go with the blue cheese and the perfect medium-rare goodness). Killer fries too.