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Mar 23, 2007 01:57 PM

Best Bloody in Philly

A few of us were thinking about doing a bloody mary crawl in Philly one Sunday to find the absolute best bloody mary. I figured one way to narrow down the candidates was to ask the question here first. My in-town experience with really good ones was largely limited to La Terasse and the Rusty Scupper (OK, so I'm dating myself). The other place I loved was Astral Plane, but of course those I made myself. My friend argues that Jakes in Manayunk is the best. So, who makes your favorite bloody in town and why do you like it so much? We do not want to go any further outside of the city than Manayunk. Thanks!

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  1. Look no further then Southwark at 711 S. 4th St.... best bloody mary in town and do try the eggs benedict should you be hungry for brunch... you will be hooked... and do yourself a favor and peruse the entire drink menu- trust me... One hemingway or manhattan (their specialty!) and you are in heaven... this truly is a one of a kind restaurant that we are lucky to have in town... a throwback- the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, the people are just amazing... a true gem.

    1. London Grill has a great Bloody Mary bar during brunch with some great mixes, choice of vodka, and different stir ins. A good choice if you are interested in customizing.

      1. Royal Tavern has a lovely Bloody Mary - Passyunk between Washington and Christian

        1. Cherry Street Tavern has phenomenal bloodys, but they don't do breakfast or brunch foods...though I've had their hot roast beef sandwiches for brunch more than a few times. I think the horsradish they serve with their beef is the great thing about their recipe.

          1. Finally got around to joining chowhound today (it was your idea Ellen), my intention was to ask the same question...ya beat me to it! Anyhow, I've been to all of the suggested places Except for Southwark (and although I have been there I have never had a Bloody at La Terasse) - Hmmm, I'd have to say Jake's beats all of them (my opinion of course).

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              Chowbert! I like it. I used to have an intern we called Ratbert. But I digress. I guess I'll have to take you up the Jake's challenge.

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                Seems like La Terasse and Jake's are the first two on the list. Also, the glowing rec for Southwark by jandew...piques my interest.