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Mar 23, 2007 01:28 PM

Wasabi - ayce japanese buffet

Has anyone tried this place? Sorry, I tried to find the original post on ayce japanese buffets but could not find the most recent one (even with the search feature).

DH and I tried the steeles/midland area location for lunch and it was ok. We arrived before noon, so the place was not full yet, but the service was horrible. We had to keep flagging the servers down and we were seated right in front of the sushi station/server station. Our plates were piling up and never taken away. Some of the dishes we ordered never appeared and we received two that wasn't ours. Perhaps it was an off day (Thursday), but I was "not" impressed. I have to wonder about the quality of the sashimi when it's an ayce as well ?

For those who have never been there, they do have salmon/tuna sashimi as part of the lunch price (11.99) and be careful because the tip is added to the bill.

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  1. I've found that for some reason many AYCE places tend to get orders wrong. Having not worked at such a place, I cannot explain the phemenon.

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      1. Willing to try the location on Hwy 7 and see .... wondering if there might be any difference in service?

        1. I posted this before on another thread, but wanted to let you know my thoughts:

          I went to Wasabi on Silver Star (Midland & Steeles) on a friend's recommendation (Oct 2006). But, I didn't like it, and won't be going back.

          We got there around 1:50 pm, and one server told us later on that the kitchen was closing so last call was 2:20 pm.

          Service was slow - and one server was pretty mean. Rolls were not very tasty, and looked like no care was taken into making them. Also, instead of “Dynamite Roll” it’s called “Shrimp Tempura Roll” so the rolls are not the same as what you would expect. Same with "Soft Shell Crab" roll, instead of “Spider Roll” which pretty much only had crab and rice inside – nothing else.

          The shrimp tempura appetizer looked like it was cooked with regular flour, instead of the tempura batter. The beef short ribs were small and had lots of fat on them.

          I ordered a Rainbow Roll at the beginning, and it never came out. I ordered another one because it was going to be last call. That never came either. After they put the bill on our table, I asked about the Rainbow Roll, and finally ONE came out.

          The servers were never around, never refilled the tea.

          I think there are many better AYCE places. I like Sushi on 7. Rolls are much bigger and better, service is faster, they take credit card with no surcharge. However, it is a smaller restaurant, and farther north.

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            Hi ghetto_scarlem, thanks for your reply! I appreciate the detailed info. Yes, we won't be going back there anytime soon either. I'll look into Sushi on 7. We don't mind to drive a bit for better food and service. Will post back here if I make it there.

            Thanks again :)

          2. I have also posted about the hell hole that is known as Wasabi-ayce. Do not recommend it. Although as I mentioned before the variety of food was greater then any other Japanese style ayce. That being said I do not plan to dine at Wasabi again if I can help it.

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              The Wasabi AYCE on Highway 7 and Leslie in Richmond Hill (where Paparazzi night club used to be) has several buffet stations for lunch services, so it's a much better deal if you want the food but avoid wrong orders and horrible service. The food selection is much better than the greasy stuff available at other Chinese buffets. If you want shrimp tempura, however, you might want to keep a close eye on when the staff brings them out... they're virtually gone by the time they're on the dish. Sushi selection is limited (no spider rolls or sashimi at lunch, for example) but still sometimes creates a long lineup. It's a popular place for office lunchers so better go earlier to avoid the peak crowd.

              1. re: pickymama

                Hi pickymama ... I take it there is no "order from the menu" at lunchtime. Do you know if it's the same for dinner? Thanks for your tips ... I'll think about trying it along with Sushi on 7.

                1. re: red dragon

                  I haven't tried its dinner so I can't tell you just yet. Sorry!

                  1. re: red dragon

                    For dinner, the waitress takes your order for the sashimi/sushi and if you want handrolls, you order at the bar where they make them. Everything else you serve yourself at the food and grill stations. It's like a buffet setup. As I mentioned below, the shrimp tempura station was always empty. I would also suggest trying Yang's Sushi (on Hwy 7 between Warden & Kennedy) if you haven't been before.

                    1. re: pocky

                      I think Yang's is the best in terms of food quality although service is lacking. Wasabi on highway 7 is a good deal for weekday lunch $11.99. Yes, shrimp tempura is always empty. But they do have dim sum and the salad bar is good. Lots of tasty appetizers - seaweed salad, conch, and sometimes jellyfish.

                  2. re: pickymama

                    In response to the shrimp tempura...when I went there the one time for dinner, I saw a couple of shrimp tempura on my first walk around, but after that never saw them again. That was frustrating.

                  3. re: sweetie

                    Hi sweetie,
                    Thanks for your feedback as well. I guess I was too kind with my own review