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Mar 23, 2007 12:50 PM

Flavored vodkas

I am usually speptical of this product but recently tried one I really like. Vincent Van Gogh brand espresso vodka. It's a nice after dinner drink served ice cold. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I will be able to find it easily at home. Anyone else try this stuff and have opinions?

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  1. Others have said good things about Van Gogh. I haven't tried the flavored vodkas yet, but plan to soon. I can say this, Van Gogh gin is excellent. If the vodkas are in the same ballpark they will be very good. Van Gogh products are available on a limited basis in my area, NYC and suburbs.

    1. wow, i have no love for vodka whatsoever, but the espresso one does tempt me. after dinner, maybe a shot of actual espresso thrown in for the mix. mmmm. of course, youre not really going for the vodka in that case, just a little something to ease the hours away.

      1. If you like to experiment, you can actually make your own infusion of vodka and
        control the "flavor intensity" by steeping your essence for however long you want
        to, just like you would a tea bag.........One of my favorites is taking 2 liters of
        Belvedere and putting it in a clean large jar and taking a "sliced' vanilla bean and
        peeling a ripe mango and pineapple and letting it sit in the jar for 3-4 days and then
        extracting the 3 flavoring components and you have a beautiful layered exotic
        flavored Vodka that you freeze and it's "sneaky' so be careful..........any blend is
        possible and playing with all the different things makes it really interesting...Enjoy !

        1. If you like the espresso, you have to give the double espresso a shot. It has as much caffine in one shot as 2 cups of espresso.