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Mar 23, 2007 12:17 PM

Feedback on Paris reservations

We are going to Paris in April and presently have reservations at the following. I would any appreciate feedback on these choices or any other suggestions:

Point Bar
Chez L'Ami Louis
Brasserie Balzar
Chez Catherine
Bistrot du sommelier
Mon Vieil Ami

Dinner -
L'Ardoise -
Le Souk
Chez Denise
Le Timbre
Maison du Jardin
La Cerisaie
Le P'tit Troquet
Le Petit Pontoise
le Florimond

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  1. I don't know most of these, they might be a bit out of my price range...but i did eat at Le Timbre when I was there last week, and it was great. My girlfriend and I disagreed on whether it was the best or the second-best meal we had, but at the restaurant we were comparing it to (ze kitchen galerie, which was delicious), the bill was almost twice as much. 30 euro for a 3-course meal of that quality is tough to beat. and it was far warmer and more personal. most of the menu options were, how shall i say, on the adventurous side (pig snout!). in the end i wished that i myself had been a bit more adventurous...the blood sausage is supposed to be amazing, but i chickened out and got the cod.

    Hope you like the people around'll probably get to know them. Luckily we had a nice conversation with the Bostonians seated next to us. it was so tight that we wished that we had dropped our bags off beforehand.

    all in all a very special restaurant. i would also suggest l'os a moelle, by the way. also excellent and very affordable...but not having been to any on your list i wouldn't know which ones to strike!

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      We just returned from another all-too-short weekend in Paris, and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at La Maison du Jardin. Friendly, professional proprietor who recommended an excellent and reasonably-priced St Emilion Grand Cru to go with our food, and excellent food very well prepared and delicious. We had a fantastic, creamy foie gras (served with Poilane bread) and a fresh, seasonal haricot vert salad as starters, amazingly tender, tasty beef cheeks and delicious calf liver as main courses, and above-average creme brulee and mille feuille for dessert. Highly recommended! I believe it's recommended in guides like Pudlo (or Lebey).

      On a previous trip, we had a very good meal at La Petit Pontoise. The food - fairly hearty, traditional (if slightly modernized) French - was similar and also good quality. The foie gras (served with an alfalfa salad) was very good, as was the duck breast and tarte tatin. We'd recommend this place too, with the only caveat that it was somewhat more touristy than La Maison du Jardin (although, given its location near Notre Dame and its writeups in several English language guidebooks, as well as the fact that we were there on Sunday night, is probably to be expected.)

    2. My, you are big eaters, I guess! In my experience, when I have a lunch at a place like Taillevent or L'Ami Louis, I have neigther the appetite nor the budget for a big dinner the same day. That's when I head to the neighborhood bistro for a bowl of Onion Soup and a Salade Mixte!

      I am not familiar with all your choices, but you don't have to make every reservation before you get there! You might even decide to choose a place none of us on these boards have heard about!

      1. The only one on your list I went to was Le P'tit Troquet and I've waxed poetic about that place on this board many times! Such a sweet place. If the pork with lemon confit is on the menu the night you're there, be sure to order it. Sublime!

        1. I think you are very ambitious and quite honestly that is a lot to eat. I would lunch at Taillevant, Chez Caatherine and Chez L'Ami Louis. Other lunches I would make Le Picnique or grab a Falafel at L'As au Fallafel on rue Rossiers near the Place de Voges. I have eaten at L'Ardoise, Chez Denise, La Cerisaie, Le Petit T'Roquet, and Le Florimond. I think of all of these Chez Denise is my favourite for its lively and very Parisian Bistro food, which is delicious. I would probably have dinner at Chez Catherine instead of lunch.

          1. I am in Paris now, finishing two great weeks of food. I have had dinner at Chez Catherine, Mon Vieil Ami, and Le Petit Pontoise. They are all very good and are good values. However, I would caution you that Mon Vieil Ami and Le Petit Pontoise are full of American tourists. Of the three, Chex Catherine was my favorite.

            A new find for us was L'Ami Jean with terrific Basque food in the 7th. You might also try Le Comptoir for luch, but go late, say 2:00 because they do not take reservations and it is mobbed.

            We are going to Le timbre tonight so I will try to e-mail tomorrow. Have fun!