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Mar 23, 2007 12:07 PM

AWOL in Monterey: Massaro/Santos, Monterey FH

Looking to set up dinner reserves for later this month, and found references in prior posts to both Massaro and Santos and Monterey ("Monterey's?") Fish HOuse. All links to M&S seem to be dead, and there seems to be no site for Monterey Fish HOuse, or any chance of finding an online menu. Anyone got good current info.? Does M&S still exist?


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  1. MFH is/was in the old Del Monte Express location, don't know if they ever had a website:

    Monterey Fish House
    2114 Del Monte

    You're right about the M&S website...404, other contact info:

    Coast Guard Pier 32 Cannery Row

    1. I went to Massaro and Santos this weekend. It's open and it's awful. Over-priced, impersonal service, bad tasting food. Skip it.

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      1. re: sgwood415

        Yeah, our last experience there left no desire to return anytime soon.

        1. re: PolarBear

          thanks for the warnings. going with reservations at Passionfish , which seems to be more uniformly liked by 'hounds...

          r gould-saltman

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            oh jeez....I figured you had some particular reason for wanting M and S (ie a dining partner who really insisted on a view, not that the view at M and S is spectacular, but at least it isn't a view of a gas station or the street like Passionfish)...had I known you were actually considering M and S when Passionfish was an option...well, there just isn't any comparison. Glad you changed your mind!

            Things to try at Passionfish: the brussel sprout salad. bread pudding. good seafood stew. Great halibut when it is on the menu. and not to be missed under any circumstances if it is on the menu (which alas, it hasn't been much this year at least when I've been able to go): the fried calamari...

            1. re: susancinsf

              I'm also a huge fan of PF's mussels, esp. if prepared in any sort of Asian-style broth.

        2. re: sgwood415

          I feel bad as I was probably the first to mention it on these boards. The food used to be decent (and the chowder was wonderfully complex and a nice variation on the standard grayish white pasty glop) and the view was as good as any on Monterey Bay. I remember that Melanie Wong even liked it. But it has gone downhill from all reports, and my local friends don't eat there anymore either. But M & S was never in the same league as Passionfish.


        3. I've been to Melange on LIghthouse in Pacific Grove three times now, the last being the monthly wine dinner on Tuesday (last night).

          Melange is something like Manresa, expect the food is not as sophisticated and it's about half as expensive.

          That said, Melange is several steps above the other Pacific Grove restaurants, and worth a try if you want something really special.

          Expect to pay around $50 - $75 per person including wine, so it's expensive. The Chef's five course tasting menu costs around $100 per person, including wine pairings. Believe me, I'm not a big spender when it comes to restaurants, but I thought the tasting menu was well worth it.

          Last night's monthly wine dinner cost $85 per person, including tax. It was also five courses, and was equally as good as the Chef's tasting menu. So the wine dinners, which happen on the last Tuesday of each month are a bargain.