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Mar 23, 2007 12:01 PM

Looking for great bread in L.A.

Is anyone familiar with a bread company up in the bay area called Acme? It's the best bread I've ever had but it's only available in the San Francisco area.

Does anyone know of a bread maker in the L.A. area that is of equal quality?

Thank you,

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  1. Try Breadbar on 3rd St. ( It's owned by Eric Kayser (of Paris bread baking fame) and is the best bread I've found here.

    1. I've tried a few places, and no one's as good as ACME. The one time I came close was with a croissant at Delice on Pico. I haven't found a baguette or levain that looks, smells, or tastes like ACME's. Thank goodness my friend's driving down to visit tomorrow with ACME, or your post would have sent me into tears.

      I haven't tried Breadbar on 3rd, but Breadbar in the Century City Mall is not very good unless you can get your hands on a fresh Alpine loaf.

      I've also been told on this board that I need to get over to Maison du Pain.

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        This is sounding kinda like those NY Pizza or NY Eggrolls in L.A. threads. One of my lads aka BreadBoy tries to get me to take him up N just to feast on the goods from the location across from Cafe Fanny and at The Ferry Bldg. location! I love their offerings as well. The sad truth is that there is no bread like Acme's (or Tartine's) in the area covered by this board. The L.A. area does have good breads but they are NOT comparable to what is available in the S.F. Bay Area (or N.Y. or Paris)!

        I like EuroPane, La Maison du Pain and used to buy breads at Michele Richard's but haven't been there in a long time. I haven't been to Breadbar yet.

        1. re: sel

          Exactly. I've long since given up trying to find "___ style ___" in the wrong region. I'll eat my bread and my Cal-Ital when I visit SF, I'll have my Korean and my sushi while I'm in LA. It makes visiting back and forth more fun!

          1. re: Pei

            Le Pain Quotidien ( is not too shabby. Neither is the bread at La Brea bakery if you go to the actual location on La Brea Blvd. Both of them are too expensive though, imho.

            Porto's ( has really really good bread and it's very reasonably priced. Their sourdough batard has a wonderful crust, and I like their challah. They also have several kinds of baguettes (I think the rustic ones are best), walnut raisin bread, rolls, and Cuban bread. Locations in Burbank and Glendale--I'm lucky because I live a block away from the Burbank one, so I can use it as my fresh bread source. They also have great croissants (plain and chocolate) and a variety of other delights (but I'll stick to the bready things here!).

          2. re: sel

            IMHO, the best bread in LA is the rosemary-currant loaf at EuroPane.

            I live alone, and I find that most artisinal bakers in LA sell humongous restaurant-sized loaves that go stale as a rock before I finish them. One thing I really appreciate about EuroPane is that their loaves are small and manageable.

            On the downside, don't bother with the sandwiches, but it's worth getting there extra-early on weekend mornings for the wonderfl ginger scones. Getting there early also helps avoid the crowds and minimizes the hassles from the abominable service.

        2. No mention of La Brea Bakery? I haven't had Acme, but I do love LBB. A slice of their garlic french bread, toasted, with butter - mmm mmm good.

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          1. re: aching

            Saks Fifth Avenue in BH now serves Poilane bread which is delivered daily from Paris.

            1. re: maudies5

              Really? It must be a couple days old by the time it arrives. Is the bread good?

            2. re: aching

              LBB does not rate mention because of the significant and sad decline of same since it changed hands several years ago.

            3. I personally don't think I could live without bread, and it's kinda hard coming around really good bread in the Valley. I've tried Breadbar but I wasn't all that impressed. I've had way better bread in Lima (Peru) and I'm hoping for a place that sells French rolls just as good.
              So, where is this ACME place that is so highly recommended here?
              I'm going to Maison du Pain tomorrow to test it out.
              Did I mention how much I love bread? well, I love bread. YUMYUM!

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              1. re: onigiriyumyum

                ACME is based in Berkeley and easily found in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

                1. re: onigiriyumyum

                  Hmmm... wonder if ONIGIRIyumyum likes bread... sounds like you are the devourer of all starches! Potatoes has to be high on your list as well... maybe the ultimate bread for you personally would be a french roll made of a combination of potato and rice flours... with some salsa de aji on the side...

                  1. re: bulavinaka

                    Well, as a good Peruvian, there are two things I can't live without, one is rice and the other is BREAD! ...this is why I spend hours at the gym trying to keep from looking like a french roll.

                    ...and make me sad. all the way in SF?! ... ... ... ROAD TRIP!

                    1. re: onigiriyumyum

                      You can get it sent to you from the bakery . I have cinnamon swirl challah (it makes the most fantastic french toast) sent from Semi Freddies in the bay area. but Pei is right, it is no use to try to duplicate stuff found in other places in LA.
                      Go on a road trip to the bay area and marvel at the bread aisle with shelves and shelves of fantastic bread, besides Acme there is Grace bakery that has incredible pugliese bread and about 6 or 7 other bakeries with lots of variety . in LA some trader joes artisian breads are ok .

                  2. re: onigiriyumyum

                    For REALLY good bread in the valley head over to Italia deli and bakery on San Fernando Mission and Balboa

                  3. Urth Cafe, maybe that's just because I compare it to the food that has never impressed me, but the bread at Urth Cafe has been my favorite part.

                    I don't know for sure at all, but they may sell it by the loaf.