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Mar 23, 2007 11:55 AM

New place for dinner in Williamsburg

I lived in the 'Burg for six years, moved away in '05. Don't get over there much to eat out anymore, what are the good new spots? GF and I are going to a 10:00 show at Monkeytown, want to grab something relatively quick and easy before the show. Any suggestions?

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  1. Eat at Monkeytown. The food is good.

    1. SNACKY is a fun and quick place on Grand Street, between Bedford and Driggs. It's an asian pop-culture vibe, with small "snack size" asian foods for $2-5 each. And their sake cocktails are great. If you can get a seat at MARLOW & SONS (next to Diner on Broadway and Berry), they have good and quick small plates (better than their entrees) and an amazing atmosphere. You may also be able to grab a seat at the bar at SWEETWATER on north 6th, which has one of the best burgers ever. Let me know if you want more recs.