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TONITE: cocktails, entrees < $20, cambridge, t-able

the girls want to go out for drinks and dinner tonight. i've searched, but am having trouble finding recomendations that combine:

cocktails (not just wine and/or beer)
entrees less than $20 (even cheaper would be nice)
cambridge area
NO CAR - besides, w/ cocktails, a car is trouble.

is there anything? we'd prefer NOT italian. otherwise, anything that a chowhound might suggest would be LOVELY.


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  1. West Side Lounge is between Porter and Hvd, the cocktails are great and I think entrees are under $20. Zuzu in Central Sq. is another possibility.

    If you order simply at the Monday Club Bar at Upstairs on the Square--fish, pizza or cheeseburgers --that's doable too. And it makes for great girly atmosphere.

    Have fun!

    1. Green St. I think fits in those parameters.

      1. Daedalus (just outside Harvard Square) might work.

        1. Casablanca in Harvard Sq.

          1. Bar menu at Chez Henri -

            I'll be at the Temple Bar starting around 8 p.m. - it's decent.

            1. Red Line can be interesting, as can Grafton Street (especially if Paul Barry is behind the bar).

              Both are near/in Harvard Square.

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                redline is definitely on the list of places to try, but according to their website they have a dj starting at 8pm tonight. we want to chatter, not dance, so we'll get there another time (and thanks for the repy!).

              2. I don't think much of the food at any of the Red Line/ Grafton Street/ Temple Bar trio. Temple bar is the best, but uneven. The West Side Lounge is an excellent choice, but you'll only just squeeze in under the $20 mark. Most entrees at Casablanca are substantially more than $20, so you'll have to stick to the bar menu (burger or small mezze) if you choose that option. Daedalus is a good bet. Today is the first day of Harvard spring break, so it shouldn't be too busy with an underage crowd, and there are some nice mico-booths for couples. Try the large and nicely put together entree salads, the mussels, or the pork chop.
                Another option might be Red House. I have had some outstanding cocktails there recently. The food was not good when it first opened but has improved substantially in recent months. The specials are usually better than the regular entree items (try the fish), and there's a nice option of having a half portion of most entree dishes, which keeps the price down.

                1. River Gods can be cheap and good, but it's tough with large groups. Cool Gothic type place, usually with decent DJs. Soups there usually rock,

                  1. B-Side? I guess it depends where you're starting whether that can be done without a car.