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Mar 23, 2007 11:50 AM

Soho Cafe in South Baltimore

No, not Sobo Cafe. This is a new little Korean/sushi place just south of Fort Avenue, either on Light or Charles, I forget. Anyone been?

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  1. I've been wondering too? C' one has been there yet?

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      I had lunch at SoHo this week. It is mostly Korean with sushi, a smattering of Japanese and smothies. We started with a yellowtail roll which was very fresh tasting. I had the bi bim bop and my friend had the chicken bowl. Bi bim bop was a large bowl of noodles, rice, veggies and beef topped with a fried egg. The chiken bowl was terriyaki type chicken with rice that came with a choice of three sides. My friend ordered kimchee, vegetable pancake and kale. All of the food was freshly prepared and tastie. I liked the space although it is very small. They seem to do catering also, as they came by with a large platter of baked salmon, that smelled wonderful, packed for takeout. They are open untl 2:00 a.m. on Fri. and Sat. so they are a welcome addition to Baltimore's late night options. I recommend giving SoHo a try.

    2. We got take out sushi from there last week. I'd say its a good choice if you'd like some reasonably priced sushi to take out or eat-in. They have a pleasant little eating area with a few tables. In addition to sushi, they have korean dishes and wraps and smoothies. They even have a low priced late night menu for the after bar crowd.

      I took some pictures. See here:

      It is on Light St. at Fort. and is called SOHO Eatery (as you said, not to be confused with SoBo Cafe on Cross St.)

      1. went to Soho Eatery tonight for dinner. Great neighborhood joint for good Korean food (we didn't try thee sushi- next time). We had the Bibimbap in the clay pot which was $9.95. Very tasty and lots of food for the price. The clay pot is heated until it's nuclear hot then when all the food is put in there the rice gets crispy! Yummy! We also had the bulgogi which consisted of a large pile of yummy seasoned beef with rice and 3 sides for $9.95. Highly recommend this place instead of take out chinese for those weeknights when you don't feel like cooking.

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          Does anyone know if they deliver? Or have plans to offer delivery? I'm dying for some decent food delivery places in Baltimore!

        2. I absolutely love Soho Cafe. They have some of the best and most creative sushi in the city and the owners are just too sweet! Try the 007 Roll or the Power Roll. YUM! It's a little bit pricey for every day but totally worth the cost for some of those really creative rolls. They have the usual basic rolls too and they are priced normally.

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            Is this joint ever open? I live in the neighbourhood and it is always shuttered....usually with a less than appealing host of miscreants on the stoop hollering at their unruly spawn. I have never seen it with signs of inner life.

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              Soho Cafe looks really dark from the outside but it is open. Very fresh, tasty sushi rolls and nigiri with good Korean dishes too. Highly recommend for weeknights when you don't feel like cooking.

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