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Mar 23, 2007 11:36 AM

1st date - inexpensive drinks, quiet/Sat. night

I have a blindish date with a guy from outside the city. I need to come up with three suggestions on a low key, causal place to meet for drinks Saturday night that will allow us to talk at a comfortable level without shelling out $$$$$ to sit there for awhile.

He's driving in, so any neighborhood that would have some place to park would be helpful.


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  1. Verlaine's at 110 Rivington; sexy vibe but not too much, $4 happy hour until 10pm, you can hang out especially if you get there on the early side and get a seat. Parking I dont know about down there.

    1. Not super inexpensive but great is the Evelyn Lounge at Columbus and 78th. I have had first dates there. Parking should be easier than downtown.

      1. Big Bar in the east village is always cozy, with good music that you can still talk over.

        1. Check out Gonzo in the West Village...great drinks and Italian food. Also, Perbacco in the East Village is great.

          1. The Dove on Thompson near Bleecker. I think the drinks are moderately priced (e.g beers for about $7) and it's definitely low key and comfortable.