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Mar 23, 2007 11:28 AM

LA chowhound in DC

Greetings from LA. I'll be visiting D.C. Easter weekend (April 6th-8th). Do you have any recommendations for lunch on Friday, dinner on Saturday, and Easter brunch on Sunday?

I'm hoping to try the French, American, Italian, fusion, or tapas cuisine in D.C. I'll be staying without a car, near One Washington Circle. Thus far, I'm thinking about walking around, visiting Capitol Hill, Supreme Court, or White House on Friday - so I'll probably get a light lunch in a quaint, cafe-like setting.

For Saturday dinner, I hope to try a finer-dining restaurant.

To give an idea of what I might like, I've heard of the following restaurants: What do you think, for each meal?
Michel Richard Citronelle
Cashion's Eating Place

And, finally, Easter brunch -- any suggestions! I'm going to try to visit the Smithsonian that day.

Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. Maestro is in the Virginia 'burbs, on the edge of the Beltway. I'm sure it would be wonderful, but it may not be easily accessible for you -- about a 30-minute Metro ride plus another 10-15 minutes by cab each way.

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      I agree that Maestros is far away, but I really like the food. It is noting like what we have in LA for Italian (Angelina and Valetino included). If you have a car then do it.

      Citronelle was pretty good last time we went (3 month or so).

      But the winner was CityZen.

      Have fun in DC.

    2. If I were in your shoes knowing what I know now about each of these restaurants and what DC has to offer I would do this for relaxed dining + fine dining + brunch:

      Friday night- relaxed since you'll have walked around all day: Dinner in the bar at Palena or at Dino, perhaps even Central (DC's new foodie favorite)

      Saturday night: CityZen or Komi (search Komi on here) within the district. If you could travel out of the district I'd tell you to go to Restaurant Eve and sit in the tasting room or go to 2941. Citronelle seems to be waivering as of late, Maestro is way out there, can't comment on Montmarte, and Cashion's is past it's prime and inconsistent.

      Easter Brunch- Tabbard Inn, no question here. Call now and get a reservation.

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        Thanks - what do you recommend at Central? There isn't an online menu available yet.

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          I have not yet been to central, that was the only reccomendation here now totally based on others reviews. That said I'm going there tomorrow night so I'll give you something then.

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            Be prepared all -- Tom has granted 3 stars in his "Sunday" review (available online today), so it will be a zoo.

          2. re: chica

            My husband and I dined at Central about a month ago and it was wonderful. We shared the charcuterie tower which had a lovely assortment of meats, pates, etc.

            He chose the fried chicken, I went with the shortribs and we shared a side of mac-and-cheese (it was a very cold night - comfort food was in order!) And oh what comfort! The frried chicken was near perfect - juicy meat, cripsy coating - absolutely delicious. The shortribs were so tender I was able to cut them with a fork. The side of mac-and-cheese came in the dish it had been baked in - crunchy topping, gooey cheese, still bubbling from the oven Then, because we clearly hadn't indulged enough, we shared the Kit Kat bar dessert.

            Highly recommend calling now for times to get in - you won't be disappointed!

        2. Jaleo (Gallery Place Metro) has a wonderful tapas Sunday brunch -- I would assume they would have it on Easter Sunday as well. Be waiting outside when they open; it fills up fast.

          1. the brunch at Cashions was good when I went, and the outside seating was lovely in the nice weather.

            We went when they first opened in the morning, and we had no wait.

            I don't like recommending the same place every time like others do, but if you're at the supreme ct and the hill, le bon cafe is inexpensive and has fresh sandwiches/salads and you can sit outside or take it with you and eat on the Mall.

            I personally think the Jaleo in Bethesda is better than the Jaleo on 7th street, and I can't figure out why. Same menu.

            Keep in mind that to TOUR the white house, you need a reserved tour spot which you will be unable to secure because your security information would already have to have been given to the White House. Just a tip.

            1. I've made reservations at Central, but I can only get on the waitlist at Cityzen, Komi, and Tabard Inn. =T

              I was thinking about trying Equinox or La Paradou -- between those, which would the DC chowers go to?

              Thank you so much! Y'all have been very helpful. (And please let me know if you ever need recs for LA.)

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                At Central lunch, we had the tuna burger and the lobster burger. Believe it or not, I prefered the tuna, which was perfectly spiced. The lobster burger was just too rich/read, too much fatty molecules. Side salad perfect. Must have: the kit kat bar (ultimate chocolate and hazelnuts).