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Mar 23, 2007 10:56 AM

Restaurants in Trastevere

Can anybody recommend any good restaurants in Trastevere - I used to love (ie five years ago) Sabatini but that is astronomical and is bad apparently. I have heard that Augusto's is very good. I am going to Rome with my mother in May and we both love good food. Any ideas gratefully received. Is the Orange Bar still there in Piazza Santa Maria.
Thank you very much

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  1. Yes, the bar is still there. The only restaurant in Trastevere worth crossing the river for is Paris, very traditional, sort of bourgeois-style, and very good for a good cross-section of Roman classics, plus fish. Augusto is in the category of discovered hole in the wall. "Very good" is not what I would call it, but it's certainly OK, cheap, and traditional. I like Ivo's pizza, but the scene is so hectic we haven't been in years. Friends recommend another trattoria I think is called Vincenzo, and I rather like La Gensola, though every time I go it seems to have changed something. Frontoni is great for pizza al taglio.

    1. Last April my wife and I went to Spirito di Vino twice. Anyhow the food is very good, I would highly recommend this restaurant. You will need reservations, the place is not that large and is very popular. Downstairs is what the owner, Romeo claims to be the oldest wine cellar in Rome and he will give you a tour on the spot and give a brief history of the place. His wife does all the cooking and his son is the sommelier. Very laid back atmosphere, and if you order apps, primi, secondi and dolce, plan on spending about 4 hours total, as they do not rush the food out, and Romeo explains each dish to you in great detail. The restaurant itself is a converted monestary, so it's got a nice atmosphere.

      1. I loce Ceccho er Carretiere but I basically ignore the menu and order whatever is fresh and on display in the refrigerated case. They have a great fried palte with stuffed squash flowers, artichokes, croquette. Lots of fun.