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Mar 23, 2007 10:41 AM

Anyone know what Montana Restaurant and Lounge is?

Seeing lots of activity at the old Yu space (Puck's old space). It's the only spot on Montana Ave with a full liquor license, and the new sign says Montana Restaurant and Lounge.
Who owns it? Who's behind it? What's the story?

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  1. Check on EaterLA, there was a piece on it yesterday. It's still owned by Sam Nazarian and SBE, but they've changed the concept. More of a bar than a restaurant now. here's the link:

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    1. re: Quesera

      Aren't they the only space with a full liquor license on Montana? They'd be nuts to give up this space. I bet the neighbors aren't too happy with this new concept.

      1. re: Frank_Santa_Monica

        Seriously. And I really hope that the food is decent, although it doesn't sound like they're aiming very high. The paucity of decent restaurants on this street astounds me.

        1. re: mollyomormon

          <<The paucity of decent restaurants on this street astounds me.>>

          Agreed! Yu had a beautiful decor and a great fun vibe but the food was horrible. Once was enough. The only place I like on Montana is that little Italian place on the south side of the street in the strip mall where the Duck Blind is located, BUT, my hubby thinks it's uncomfortable and overpriced so we don't go there.

        2. re: Frank_Santa_Monica

          Oh I agree- it's a huge, well located space, and apart from Fathers OFfice, the only real "nightlife" on Montana now.

          1. re: Quesera

            Thanks - will go soon and report back.

            1. re: yogachik

              I walked by yesterday afternoon and they looked very close to opening. I wouldn't be surprised if they're open tonight. I'm crossing my fingers that it's good!

            2. re: Quesera

              Sadly, I guess I'm too old to consider FO "nightlife." I don't think anyone expects Montana to have nightlife, but we all expect it to have at least one edible restaurant and there just isn't one.

              1. re: Bite Me

                It quietly opened last night, and word is that the food is really good. We'll report back this week.

                1. re: yogachik

                  Went tonight. Felt like I was walking into a gathering. Lots of local singles.

                  Anyway, food was good, but took an HOUR to an HOUR AND A HALF to arrive. Given, it's the first official night open, but they aren't prepared to serve food, it's really just a bar/lounge. However, the menu is great - filled with things under $15, most are around $10 - all appetizer/bar menu things, but there's a kobe burger at $15 that's really good, and BIG. I didn't try the scallops, but everyone was saying how great they were (wrapped in bacon)

                  I left at 8:00, went to the Penthouse for a couple hours, then went back, and the age dropped by about 15 years.

                  Most important - being that's it's really just a bar/lounge, they need a second bar because the one tiny one that they have cannot serve that huge room with any kind of expediency. It took me 20 minutes to get my first drink.

                    1. re: mollyomormon

                      Just back from another night there. I really, really, like it. My Kobe burger was amazing. My fries, though, needed some ooomph.

                      Good, local, crowd, not such a singles scene tonight - more neighborhood. My friends tried everything on the menu and like it all - again heard great things about the scallops.

                      1. re: yogachik

                        Cool. I'm sure we will be there tonight and I'll report back.

        3. It's official. Closes in 6 weeks, change of ownership sign in the window reads that it will, in fact, become Cafe R&D. It's a shame - Montana doesn't need another mediocre cafe, it needed a bar like the Lounge.