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Mar 23, 2007 10:28 AM

SD to SB tonight - need some good late-night eats!

Hey folks,
we will be driving up to SB tonight from north county SD and probably won't have time for dinner before we go. I know eeeeverything will be closed by the time we get to SB (all the restaurants close at 10 in that town, except for, like, Roy's which I've never had a good experience at)

I'm looking for some good late-night eats places we can stop at -- burger is good, an actual meal is better. Preferably close to the highway (we will be taking the 5 >134>101 route probably), and open after 10pm-midnight.
Sadly Jerry's deli is out because I have *no* idea where the one is in Burbank compared to the freeway, but Big Boy's in Burbank is my fallback plan. Other than stuff in LA I really don't have a clue about other places to go between NoCo SD and SB.
Save me from Big Boy's guys =(

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  1. you may want to try the LA board for more responses for the west valley. I am going to suggest Brents Deli in Westlake. It just opened up, while I have never been there, the northridge location is great. the food is way better than Jerrys. dont know the hours though.

    1. I know of a Thai place on Hollywood Blvd. right off the 101 that's open until 3 am. It's called Torung, 5657 Hollywood Blvd. Parking's a pain, but we've parked across the street at the gas station on Wilton Place when we've been there really late and it was fine.
      FYI: They accept cash only.